I AM Jala*AN.

What's next...

I'll add a "predictions" section where I'll share with you some of my most amazing premonitions and I'll let you share yours too.

Here's a tiny little preview -

Search on the word "Kidult" in Google. See what you find. Guess what? I invented that term in 1980 to describe a new kind of big-kid-hybrid-adult that I saw evidence of all around me. I found that this type of person was emerging way back in 1980 and I shared that concept (and the "Kidult" term) with literally thousands of people  throughout the course of the early 80's.  That term is now used by nearly every big advertising company in the world - they use it describe exactly that type of person - the big-kid-hybrid-adult (usually male).

Did I copyright the term for some kind of "proof"? No, I didn't. I don't really need proof.  I'm not interested in claiming the rights to any of the things that come to me intuitively. While it might be nice to get some royalties on some of this stuff, I'm already very well paid from my "normal" work as a Systems Analyst and Project Manager.

Here's another quick one: "the 8-central WEB and the Box Square". I drew a diagram of this back in the fall of 1987 while living in Boulder. I had no idea why I was drawn to this diagram and what caused me to put it down on paper. When you see it, you tell me what you think it is - HELLLLLO?!? It absolutely was a premonition about the WWW - and it came out of my head several years before Mr. Berners-Lee coined the term "World Wide Web". I showed this to many different people around Boulder and they were like "ummmmm... OK. Gee, that's nice, Jim" (chuckle).

That's par for the course with these types of things. It was the same way with 111 (before millions of people started "connecting" with their own patterns). It comes with the territory.

Now a special note to my Christian friends out there: I don't want to start being accused of being a False Prophet or something - because I'm not. But I do make my fair share of amazingly accurate predictions. It really is uncanny.

OH! I almost forgot - as an added bonus, I'll also be creating what I'll be calling an "Online Shrine" to Tabor Lake, NJ - a special section of the website dediccated to my childhood summer home.

'Til Then!!!

I AM Jala*AN.

p.s. - In mid-September, 2001 I added a page called

"The 911 Tragedy: My 1:11 NYC Skyline is Gone [END 111]"

It addresses my thoughts and feelings about the events of  9/11/01. I lost a good friend and former co-worker that day.

Harry Glenn , you will be missed - FOREVER!!!

[END 111]