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The 911 Tragedy: My 1:11 NYC Skyline Is Gone [END 111]

To those of us who "knew" (in our mind's eye) that something like this was going to happen:

I trust that you are still safe and that you are still sorting out your prophetic visions of the disaster. I too, for nearly 20 years, have had visions, thoughts, premonitions, whatever you want to call them, about something (like a plane) crashing into The Towers (or the Empire State Building). I went to college in Hoboken, NJ in the early 80's and the view of what my friends at the time called "the biggest 1:11 on the face of the planet" stared us in the face each and every day as we made our way around the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology. I used to look out my dorm room window (which was right along the Hudson and faced out toward NYC) thinking, wow THIS "is" ONE ONE ONE (the Empire State Building and the Two Towers).

I also remember thinking what would happen if a plane or some other form of aircraft slammed into any of the three components of that 1:11 Skyline.

Disaster. Chaos. I could actually see it happening. Once I had the vision the first time, it was hard to shake it (meaning, I would see it every time I looked at the skyline). My visions were so pronounced to me at the time, that I "drew" these visions into the cover of a humor magazine (DUCKLIPS) that I helped found with several colleagues at the Institute. I used our campus' student center building, which sits right along the Hudson, as the target for the "incoming". The act of drawing this out, at the time, was very helpful to me. I had transformed the nightmarish visions of something crashing into the 1:11 Skyline into some kind of exaggerated, humorous image (the magazine itself, called Ducklips, is seen crashing into the tower on campus). We used it in the Fall of 1982 for the cover on a "best of" compilation. The quote under the DUCKLIPS logo says "So just what *is* a ZERO HOUR, anyway?" (a reference to the fact that during freshman year, all our tests were taken prior to the 1st scheduled class of the day --- in the ZERO HOUR ['round 7AM or so as I recall]). At any rate, that cover is seen above.

I felt a special connection to The Towers not only because they were in my face all the time for all those years but because they were entirely symbolic to me, at the time, of ONE ONE ONE. Not just 111, but 1:11 (with the ":" separating the Empire State Building from the Two Towers). In 1983, I remember taking a series of photos over the course of two days which showed the view of the Towers from the roof of my building on campus and then the very next day we went to the observation deck and took shots looking back at the campus in Hoboken. Here are two photos from that sequence:


As I took a shot looking directly up the side of the building, I "saw" the cover I had drawn in my mind's eye and the suppressed nightmarish visions came back and I thought about how quickly I would need to run if "something" slammed into the side of the building I had fixed my cheap little Polaroid lens on. Here is that shot:


In late 1988, I was in NYC driving around with Colorado plates on my car having just returned from a year away from the east coast. "The classic tourist", people must have thought, as I periodically jumped out of my car (at stop lights even) and took video. Down near NYU, I had parked the car and was filming all kinds of different shots of the WTC. The Goodyear blimp was flying overhead. I filmed it as it crossed the sky and as it appeared to fly directly into the side of a building that was near where I was filming. I remembered my early 80's visions of something crashing into my 1:11 Skyline. Since I could see how this looked through the viewfinder, I said "BOOM!" on the tape just as the blimp flew "into" the side of the building. It was bright daylight for that shot. Right after the "BOOM!", the scene abruptly switches to a crisp night shot of the Twin Towers all lit up. I then played with a shard of light in the frame, making it splash straight across the shot three flashes at a time. ONE ONE ONE. ONE ONE ONE. ONE ONE ONE. The shot ends with a fade out on the brightly lit towers.

When I fixed the "completion date" for my experience with 111 as November 1, 2000 (11/01) and when I put up that opening page showing the "END 111" road sign, I thought about what that meant and what it would mean to others who had been following my 35 year journey. "the COMPLETED 111 experience of J'lahn: 1965-2000". END 111. Finished. Done. Yes, END 111. This meant that I began, at that instant in time, to make a conscious effort to see/feel my experience with 111 as "completed", as something that was useful for a time (nearly 3 dozen years), but as something that was now being discarded into the file folders of my past. I remember thinking, "wow, even my good old 1:11 Skyline from the early 80's (that ONE ONE ONE skyline) is NO MORE a symbol of 111." END 111. And now, to see that the "11" of that 1:11 skyline has simply been TAKEN AWAY, it makes me wonder why I had these thoughts. Why END 111? Why? Somehow, at the time, it just made sense. END 111.

And now to the date, 091101. Or 09112001. No matter how you slice it, the 111 JUMPS OUT like a demonic 111 pitchfork. Its presence is unmistakable. 9/11/01. 111 days left. END 111.

Best of Luck to all of us as we sort out our dark, prophetic visions. We're not to blame, but it certainly is unnerving to have "known" about this happening for so many years. Without a doubt, it's unnerving. END 111.

Peace to You & Yours During These Difficult Times Ahead,
Jim Jala*AN

p.s. - here's a shot of the WTC I took during a class trip in 1971. I call it UNFINISHED, 1971.