This might be the most important update to "the 111 experience" that there ever has been. Since the very first time I put the very first version of this story down on paper (with a very old typewriter), I have been making changes to it - at least three times a year, sometimes more. I would venture to guess that there have been at least 50 different versions. But it would only be a guess. I start out this update by making a very important clarification to anyone who is new to this story and/or to anyone who has been following it for decades:

It has been a REALLY long time since the act of simply seeing the number "111" really meant anything to me (at all).

I put that in a bold 15 point font for the benefit of anyone who thinks that I'm just some guy that simply sees the number 111 all over the place. Because I'm not that guy. No,  I'm not. I haven't been - for a VERY long time. At this point, it's WAY more than that. If you take the time to read through the entire write-up and you see the progression of events, it is very clear that I did not go looking for 111. It found me. And it found me through a bizarre series of coincidences that actually began when I was THREE. The real question is this: where did my initial early 1980's experience with simply seeing 111 lead me? Well, it led me smack dab into the position of CLEARING HOUSE, ELDER SPOKESPERSON, SCRIBE, and RECORD KEEPER for not only people seeing 111, but for all people who have connected into a special number pattern. It also led me to Crowley and it led me to the Qabala. But through it all, I think I have kept a balance that has eluded others. I have refrained from crowning myself as The Leader of anyone (or anything). "the 111 experience" is not a MOVEMENT or a CULT or a GROUP. It is simply my story. As a colleague and coworker of mine said recently "it is a divine yet not completely understood gift." That really sums it up. I really do see it as a gift. And, as the years go by,  I have been going out on a limb and sharing it with more and more people.  In fact, I put it out there for the whole world to see. Because it is The Truth. And it is Real.

On the issue of DEFINING what this experience is: "What does it mean, Jim, what does it all mean?" is a familiar question I get asked quite often. After all is said and done, I can only state one or two things with absolute certainty:

111 is an elegant, simplified, numeric code for ALL Trinities (and it also happens to be the binary representation of SEVEN). That's it. Anything else is pure speculation.

OK, now that I've gotten that out of the way...

I have also made some modifications to the front page. I am now passing folks through a page devoted to links about May 5, 2000. Tons of folks (including the people of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors in Eatonton, Georgia) believe that this date signals the end of the world as we know it. If you checked out all the links, you probably saw that the jury is still out on that one. But I thought it was an interesting movement. "55" has come up quite a bit for me over the past ten years. It was my home address, my physician's address, and the address of the building where I took all the courses for my Masters Degree. So 5-5 is a day that I'll pay attention to and collect information on. It will be interesting to see what the world is like on 5-6. If I had to take bets on it, I'm sure we'll all still be here.

I have also added a bunch of links into the ONE CHUNK of HTML that makes up "the 111 experience". I added links to outside organizations so folks can learn more about some of the topics I reference throughout the write-up. I have also added photographic evidence of some of the things I have been mentioning in the write-up for years. This is not only to address certain folks that read the write-up and say to themselves "he MUST be making all this stuff up" but I think it also adds a bit more depth to my account.

A few new things about 777 have come up. As you recall, Aleister Crowley's "777" book was an early trigger for me and it contained references to 111 that predated my own experience with the number (I'll note once again, that AC is the only person I have ever come across who has had an experience that predates mine). But aside from all that, guess what?  I now work at a location whose address is 777 NW [real name omitted] Parkway. Isn't that unusual? I would certainly say so. I also wanted, for the first time, to take note of the UNIX command "chmod 777".  Basically, it gives ALL users ALL permissions. I found that little correspondence very liberating.

On a personal non-111-related note, we got a new cat several months ago. He was only a few weeks old and had been left in a box on the doorstep of a local pet store. His name is Mika (pronounced MEE-KA). He's our little boy. I think he looks a little bit like Cyd. Hopefully, he'll live as long as she did. That would mean he'd be around until 2017. And I'll be 55. OH MY GOD.

One final note: please remember (when you're partying on New Year's Eve!!!) that the first day of the REAL new millennium is 01-01-01. But I'll be back with another update a long time before 2001. We'll see you on January 11th, 2000!!! Enjoy the next few months!!!