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ASH WEDNESDAY Under The Hood (Part IIb)

Here you go:

For Key 1b (11:11),  I chose an enzyme with a classification that had correspondences into The Horned One. Why did I do this? I did this because, right now, 11:11 is a lightning rod for showcasing Duality - quite simply, the stereotyped "bad" vs. the stereotyped "good". Yes, it's all very basement level but unfortunately, basement level is the order of the day for most folks out there when it comes to 11:11. Very few of them have gotten past the "social" aspects of the pattern. Many view it as a tool for creating social interaction (the "OMG, you see it too?" crowd) and haven't yet gotten into exploring its Esoteric nature.

That will change one day very soon, but for now, I wanted the Key associated with 11:11 to have ties into The Horned One, who Itself has strong correspondences to the being our Christian friends call The Devil.

So I looked for an enzyme that contained that Big Ol' 666 "sign of the devil" pattern. And I found which is commonly known as Hyponitrite Reductase. And it was published this way. Then a rather curious thing happened. An amazing thing, actually. In 2002, Hyponitrite Reductase's classification was changed to something completely different - something that contained no evidence of 666 at all. It was changed to and was "retired". To me, this was completely symbolic of what will happen on Earth with any lingering connections  11:11 may have to "evil" (stereotyped evil, I mean). The fact that the classification was active from 1961 to 2002 and then abruptly changed within 1 year of me fixing its correspondence to 11:11 is absolutely amazing to me.

Why was this done? I don't know. But the fact that I had taken this obscure enzyme and attached it to 11:11 simply because its enzyme classification number contained 666 is fully documented. The fact that it then changed to something completely different after that is also fully documented.

There is a message in there. And it's a big one. It's all about 11:11's journey from where it is now (stuck in Duality) to where it will be later (in a space of ONE-NESS). After all, 11:11=11/11=1.

I'll save Key 1c (which used to be known as the "third" key) until UNDER THE HOOD Part III (next week some time?). You know, since 3=7 (as in 3=III=111=7) and 1c is all about the ALL_SEVEN. Again: correspondences between the physical nature of the substances referenced and the broader journey we're all on with 111 and 11:11 will one day be discovered. This will form Parts II and III of The Three Keys. Again, for now, it is still THE THREE KEYS. Not just The One (aka Part I).

Get it? Got it? Good!

Jim Jala*AN
Sedona [VOC], AZ, USA