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Under The Hood (Part IIa)

If you've followed my work for any length of time, you'll know that I am big on "correspondences."  What is a "correspondence" you might ask? Well, for most people, it's a piece of mail or some form of communication - either inbound or outbound. But for my work with 111, 11:11, and all things Esoteric ("Esoterotica"), it's these:

a) the agreement of things with one another

b) a particular similarity

c) a relation between sets in which each member of one set is associated with one or more members of the other

These Correspondences can be defined by others or they can be defined by me. In the case of The Three Keys, it's a combination. I've joined together bits of numbers and letters and concepts ("correspondences") into three distinct entities. These are the three parts to Part I of the Three Keys.

Why Enzymes?

Well, quite simply, I wanted to add something into the mix that would act as a catalyst for the correspondences I was presenting. Think of them as Esoteric Catalysts. I must add a quick PSA right here and now for anyone who doesn't know my background: In addition to knowing more mathematics than 95% of my fellow human beings (that's a very conservative estimate, by the way), I also have an extensive background in Chemistry, Biology, and Biochemistry. Sure, all that coursework was from the early 80s, but I've been keeping my knowledge in this area up-to-date through self-study in newer versions of the textbooks I used way back when. So… bringing Enzymes into my Esoteric work represents a fusion of my hard-core scientific knowledge base with my "Way Out There" Esoteric studies. [End of PSA]. So I wanted a catalyst, a quickening agent if you will, to be a part of this bold new set of correspondences that I was laying down. And what better way to choose the substances than by using the accepted tools for labeling and classifying them.

I scanned these databases for enzymes that already had the desired correspondences to the numbers and characters that were already a part of the framework I had in place. And again, those three parts of the framework were based on my own, very personal, spiritual progression that's been in motion ever since I was three. It all started with 111, then came 11:11, and then came the Fusion (ALL_SEVEN or II_III_II). I won't go into how II_III_II is currently undergoing a migration to IIII_III_IIII right now. That will be a good topic for a future UNDER THE HOOD session.

Fixing the Correspondences:

For Key 1a (111), I chose an enzyme with a classification number --- "111 to 1" --- a ratio that, for all intents and purposes, *is* 111. Aldehyde Reductase had now become affixed to 111 simply by my declaration (and the globally recognized classification number for the substance!). The amazing story behind Key 1b (11:11) will be featured in the next entry of UNDER THE HOOD (maybe tomorrow or Thursday?). One final thing to note: there are definitely undiscovered correspondences between the physical nature of the substances referenced and the broader journey we're all on with 111 and 11:11. Discovering those new correspondences is part of what my work with The Three Keys is focused on now. In other words, some day, there will be two more parts added. After all, it is THE THREE KEYS.

Jim Jala*AN
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