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I'm going back to My Roots on this one. The roots of my paranormal experience on this planet. My 111 Roots. Yes, my mind-boggling nearly life-long connection to/with the number 111 is really at the heart of nearly everything I have ever experienced in the Paranormal Arena.


It's been the trigger.


Admittedly, I've always been a sci-fi fan (since my dad took me to see one of the "Planet of the Apes" movies when I was 6!) and perhaps this has always kept my mind open to All Things Paranormal. But still. From the very moment my voice was slapped onto that Scotch 111 Magnetic Tape in 1965 to the very last time a "funny" large-scale coincidence occurred with 111 --- I'm calling the whole darn thing - soup to nuts - A MIRACLE. There, I said it. It's a MIRACLE.


In the write-up, for many years, I've said the following regarding 111: "it is a divine yet not completely understood gift." Kinda hedging on the whole MIRACLE thing so I didn't sound completely wacky. I said "divine" and "not completely understood" back then but really, let's face it people:


It's a freakin' miracle.


And you don't really need to understand a miracle or how it happens. It's just a miracle. You experience it. It happens. The fact that 111 came into my life at such an early age (3) and the fact that it gradually revealed itself over the course of the past 44+ years and the fact that it eventually led to my ongoing (and very private) experience with the Qabala --- well, it's completely amazing.  The fact that 111 and 7 are joined at the hip (111 is the binary representation of 7) is also completely amazing.


I mean, let's face it folks, SEVEN is a Big Deal Number here on Earth. Think about how often it comes up. Not just in the Christian's bible, not just in our planetary history, but in nature as well. The fact that 111 and 7 are linked wasn't something I realized until WAY after it came into my life. I was too busy trying to keep up with all the sightings. Again, that's all ancient history at this point. And most of you should know by now that there are very few occurrences of 111 nowadays that impress me.


So… if you're wondering how I really feel about my "completed" experience with 111, I'll tell you in plain English (and this replaces any "hedging"-type statements I made in the final update to the write-up on 11/01/2000) ---


111 forever remains a truly Magickal Symbol that represents All Trinities. It will forever have close ties to Lucky 7. It led me to my sacred journey with the Qabala. And it was revealed to me THROUGH DIVINE INTERVENTION on a journey that began at the tender age of 3 (you know, III).


There you have it. Now... when I say Divine Intervention exactly what do I mean?


Do I mean God? Maybe.


Do I mean Aliens? Could be.


Like how the image of Devils Tower (no apostrophe) was implanted in people's minds as a means of COMMUNICATION? Wouldn't rule it out.


Do I mean my dead Grandfather who, as an extra-dimensional spirit-being, was trying to sway me in the direction of Christianity by imprinting a blatantly Holy Trinity-like symbol in my brain? It's certainly possible.


And how, to respond to my critics (you know who you are), do you positively rule out some form of Mental Disorder being at play here? Like, somehow, I'm insane because I've come to see 111 as a Magickal Symbol? And I'm insane because I feel that it was GIVEN to me through some Supernatural chain of events that involves the creator of the universe, Aliens, and/or my dead Grandfather? You can call me insane. And you probably will. And based on society’s norms, I probably am. But really: that matters little (to me, at least, and to those who believe in my journey). If you read the write-up from start to finish, it's very clear that I did not go looking for 111. It found me. In 1980. And then, as was revealed several years later, it turned out that I had already been branded by 111 in 1965 when my Grandfather slapped my voice onto that magnetic tape. And if you've done even the most basic investigations into the Qabala, you know (for a fact) that 111 has its most ancient roots in that system. The conclusion that I draw from all this, of course, is that this stuff is real. And how I came to be connected with it is A MIRACLE.


Most who know me from my childhood probably hoped that this miracle deal with 111 would have led me straight to Christianity and its Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Its Holy Trinity. The TRI-unity Godhead that, for some Christians, is at the heart of their faith. I recognized this connection very early on (the summer of 1980, actually). But since I saw The Trinity coming up in religions that pre-dated Christianity, it was very hard for me to ignore those faiths and commit to the Christian Faith. Couldn't do it. Still can't. For the very same reasons. I felt more of a connection to the Celtic Systems and their heavy reliance on Trinities than I did to the Christian Faith. Did my refusal to see 111 as a Christian-style miracle lock me into some kind of Anti-Christian (potentially "evil" and/or "dark") system of influence?  I don’t think it did. It locked me into a life-long journey with the Qabala is what it did. Certainly a far cry from anything even remotely "evil" or "dark" (in my book, at least).


Does 111, in fact, defy the traditional good/evil dualistic characterizations that run rampant on this planet?  I believe it does.


But negative/dark/bad/evil characterizations of 111 do exist. That cannot be helped. I speak about this in the write-up. Go back and review them if you need a refresher course. Some have actually had what I would call very ominous “first thoughts” about what it really was. For instance, many moons ago, I heard this from someone:


It is the time that emits the least amount of light on a digital clock (it was an old LED-style digital clock, of course, not an LCD clock that has ALL Dark Numbers).




Let's think about his statement. Aside from the LED-style digital clock being turned off, it really is the time that emits the least amount of light. Of course that brings in the Light/Good and Dark/Bad duality vibe that so many of us are stuck on. So whether I liked it or not, there you had 111 (III) being tied to Darkness (lack of light).


So… where does that leave us?


111... magickal DIVINE gift... Aliens... Dead People (extra-dimensional spirit-beings)... the least amount of light... "dark as hell"... where is this all leading?


Let's face it: most of us, on a near-daily basis, feed the Dualistic notions of Light/Good and Dark/Bad with our thoughts, words, and deeds. I'm here to tell you that these associations are false. You're saying "well duh, Jim, of course they're false." YOU'RE SAYING THAT. But guess what? The vast majority of humans on this planet are not. What about DARKNESS. Is it bad? Is it good? Is it neither?


I think that you should first accept the fact that we've got billions of people thinking that Light Means Good and Dark Means Bad. That's just a fact of life on this planet. What does that do to the psychic landscape? Well, it sets up a pretty hefty planet-wide "Thought-form Wave Function" that generally eclipses our attempts to block it. So what can we do about that? As I see it, we have three choices:


1) Work to convince people that "The Light" isn't necessarily "The Good" through some form of Crusade.




2) Work to convince people that "The Dark" isn't necessarily "The Bad" through some form of Crusade.




3) Totally ignore Earth's prevailing and oppressive "Thought-form Wave Functions" by congregating with other like-minded, non-Dualistic individuals. By creating comfy little cocoons in hidden, more remote sections of the Planet. By living a life that's free from Duality's influence. By experiencing the continued Magick of the Divine Gifts we're lucky enough to acquire during the journey. And (just for the heck of it) by making ourselves as open as possible to physical and spiritual connections and info-sharing with ALL Extra-Terrestrial and ALL Extra-Dimensional life-forms that might happen to come our way.


I'm choosing 3 (III). For obvious reasons.


How 'bout YOU?



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