"And That's The Way It Was" - as told by Mrs. "D"

Along time ago, the Corporation bought a record player and six records. From 7 to 10 every Thursday night I ran a dance for the kids at the
Lake 1n the Lodge. I remember one time I turned out the lights and let them dance cheek to cheek. The mothers of the kids came down, peeked in the Lodge and had a fit! We had a lot of fun, though, and wish we could do it again.


Back when I was Jack Benny's age, Don Hutson, our manager, dug drainage culverts all the way around Powdermill Road. Mrs. Weinstock, myself, and fourteen young men went out in the middle of the night one night and filled them all in! Two weeks later at the Association picnic, I received a gift form Mr. Hutson: a shiny new shovel!


Twenty years ago, the teenagers used to drink beer on the sly. They would hide the empty cans in the toilet tanks in the bathrooms in the back of the lodge. Poor Mr. Hutson would have to clean the cans out regularly.


Whenever someone at the Lake had a birthday, all of the other people would go to his or her cabin and sing "Happy Birthday". Some people brought refreshments and everyone celebrated.


We used to have plays in the Lodge. One of the plays included men dressed up as ladies. They would take balloons and stick them under their blouses so that it would look like they had a bust line! Then during the play, some of the women in the audience would take a pin and pop them!


One night, Don Hutson, our director, had a "This is your night, Mrs. D" party. He brought many old people who lived at the Lake. He had a picture of Mrs. D as a model in a size eight. Loads of fun. What wonderful memories we have!