The Stockholders' Meeting

By The Courier Staff
August, 1975


On August 3rd, the stockholders' meeting was held. One of the points that was discussed was the problem of the income from memberships going down.

Two solutions were brought up: 1) Lowering the price of membership and 2) Having half-season memberships.


Both were turned down. The first was, because it was thought that the number of new members wouldn't be enough to counter the amount of money that would be lost in the lowering of the price. The second

was turned down because it was thought that many people that are now buying full season memberships would switch to half a season. It was decided that the number of memberships may have gone down because of the rain in July, so it was resolved not to change the membership system for next year.

Another point that was discussed was whether or not a shareholder could vote for another shareholder to whom he was related. It was decided that he had to have written consent from the other shareholder.

The board of directors was elected at the nesting. All of last year's directors were re-elected. The present directors are


Mr. Wilbar H. Bolsterle

Mr. Walter Green

Mr. Herbert S. Heyer

Mr. Arnold Johnson

Mr. Leslie Gallt


The week before the Stockholders' meeting, some representatives from the Tabor Lake Corporation went to see Mr. Ben White, a lawyer whom we had dealt with before. They discussed whether Powdermill Road was public or private and problems we have had with the developer of Powdermill Estates. Mr. White is going to send us a written opinion that should answer our questions.