Food For Thought

By The Courier Staff

July, 1977

Tabor Lake we have always had a problem caused by the fact that some map companies depict Powdermill Road as a through road from Route 10 to Route 53. Each year we have been obliged to explain the map companiesí mistake to confused motorists. This year the number of cars trying to drive through has increased from several per year to about ten per day, and the number is steadily increasing. Shortly before opening day, according to the police, a group of criminals robbed a house in Powdermill Estates and made their es≠cape through Tabor Lake. The reason for all this is that it is now actually possible to drive through. The short segment of Powdermill Road which used to lead out to Route 10 has now been extended (though not yet paved) to meet our private road. The two halves of Powdermill Road are divided by a mound of earth and rocks. Another short road connects our land with Powdermill Estates and Pigeon Hill Road. This road is divided by a similar pile of rocks. Both roads are passable to motorcycles and small cars, and the rocks can easily be moved to make room for a large car.


For the people in Powdermill Estates, driving through our road is a real time-saver. It is natural to expect that as more people find out that the road is passable, we will find more people driving through, disturbing the quiet, raising dust, and making it impossible to restrict entrance to members. It is even possible that if traffic is allowed to increase, our rights to Powdermill Road as a private road may be questioned.


THE COURIER would like to pass on a solution that was suggested by a town engineer to Mr. McCrink.


We print this solution not with the idea of its immediate adoption, but rather to provoke discussion which may lead either to this solution or another.


The town engineer felt that the town would be willing to install a steel barrier at

Lucille's Bend to prevent the passage of traffic. To get the town to do this we would have to get a sizable number of people from Tabor Lake to attend a town meeting where we would propose the idea formally. The date of that meeting is August 9th.