A Word about the Association

Editorial By The Courier Staff

August, 1977

We are now midway through the summer of 1977. So far the summer is shaping up to be one of the best, after the long hot spell brought us together in the lake. All scheduled events have now been taken by volunteer chairmen (although these chairmen still need assistants, drivers etc.). For a while some events were in question. The Nichols took responsibility for the Adult Beach Party although they had handled the midwinter reunion, and "Pop" Gallt agreed to oversee Children's Gay even though his children are grown. If the Association is to stay vigorous, many others will have to come forward and accept responsibility for their share of the work load.


This has been a time of transition for us. Through the years Stan Culveyhouse has been a dynamic, driving force behind the success of the Association. He is no longer able to spend his summers with us. Rev. Len Nichols was another important personality - creating the spirit that underlies the slogan he coined, "There's no place like Tabor Lake." He, too, is no longer able to spend his summers with us. Finally, last year was Bill Bolsterle's last summer as manager. Stan Nemo has taken on that responsibility and is doing a fine job.


This has also been a time of transition for the membership. Many long-standing families at the lake have had to give up their cottages. Younger couples have taken over. They will have to decide how they would like to see the Association develop, and they will have to volunteer to help carry out the heavy work load involved in the full program of activities at Tabor Lake. Older members, who are no longer able to carry the full load of work, will have to try especially hard to be supportive of those who do the work, and to withhold their criticisms when things are not run exactly as they would prefer to see them run, or as they were run many years ago. The younger group will have to be tolerant to keep Tabor Lake a congenial place to which we can come to relax and shed winter cares. There is no place here for petty concerns about who has done more than his share of work or who has already done "enough" and so don't do more.


The Issue of Association Costs has come up repeatedly in recent years. The dues have not been raised for many years while costs in all areas of the economy have increased. Somehow the Treasury always remains with a positive balance. However, this apparent solvency has been achieved because people who have done the work for various events have also absorbed costs rather than see the Treasury further depleted. Increasingly, we have had to rely on charges for individual events, 50-50 which many regard more as a contribution than as a desired activity, and special sale events.

The time has now come when we need to ask ourselves whether we not to have a dues supported Association at all, or whether we should disband the Association and substitute an informal sequence of
self-supporting events like many of the Saturday night beach parties of the last few years. The Association officers would prefer to keep the present basis under which all feel free to participate in a11 activities. Most members would like to keep the dues at $10.00. Consequently, we propose that there be a $1.00 or $1.50 per person charge for each of the Association sponsored events (except Children's Day).


Again this year, for what is perhaps the 37th year, we have a full array of Association sponsored activities. These activities don't just happen, and they will continue only if you, the members, are willing to contribute your time, your talents, and your money to their continued success. We know that you will do so, and we look forward to a fulfilled last half and to an exciting 1978.