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Why Shadow Puppets?

Well, it has to do with something my retired scientist/mathematician Dad told me when I was a kid. The analogy that I am about to share has since be co-opted by a number of modern physics gurus (like Brian Greene, for example) but I heard it first from my Dad. When I was probably around 10 or 11. At that time, my father was reading portions of a book called Flatland to me. In Flatland, everything was flat and two dimensional. This fascinated me. There's a whole tale about this self-discovery that the Flatlanders go through. It's a wonderful story, but I'm not here to talk about it. Search on Flatland and/or go to Amazon.com and just order the book. There have been several spin-off tales that sprang out of the Flatland world. Enjoy them all. When you have the time. But back to the deal with Shadow Puppets:

In conjunction with our adventures in Flatland, my Dad was helping me to understand the difference between the 2nd and 3rd dimensions. The shadow cast from his 3-D hand created a 2-D image on the wall. He asked me to describe the 2-D image as opposed to the 3-D hand. Of course, I said something like "It's simpler. It's flat. It doesn't really look like your hand. In fact, it looks like a moose."  My father had created a 2-D moose on the wall from a flashlight shining onto his 3-D hand. This sort of analogy has become the corner-stone for current-day exercises in higher-dimensional thinking. Of course, it's currently not possible to think beyond 3-D or 4-D but if we were to try, what sorts of statements might we make? We might make the following statements:

Everything we see in this 3-D world is the "shadow" of a higher dimensional object or set of objects. The "light" being shined across these higher dimensional objects is of unknown origin and unknown composition. There exists a technology to observe the higher dimensional representations. But we, as humans, have yet to discover it. So we are left with a theory about higher dimensional representations. Which is what leads me to say the following regarding this 2-D object, the ALL_ELEVEN:


If you're seeing the ALL_ELEVEN in 2 dimensions (which you probably are since you're reading mostly FLAT characters off of the screen right now) you're missing a key aspect of The Vision. The Vision is 3-D and has a 4-D aspect as well (its position varies with respect to time). It has a higher dimensional quality too (5-D and beyond) that relates to the fact that the ALL_ELEVEN, even in its 4-D mode, is merely a lower dimensional SHADOW PUPPET of a higher dimensional Object or set of Objects.

Furthermore, if you think that each object in the ALL_ELEVEN representation is the same size, I'm here to tell you that they are not. They are of varying sizes and the 2-D ALL_ELEVEN is only what you might (keyword = MIGHT) see if you looked at the ALL_ELEVEN from a particular set of spatial coordinates around the structure. Not only does their size vary, their composition does as well. Heck, they even have very distinct tastes. I can tell you that the Object in the middle, raised higher than the others, tastes like strawberry. And to top it off, these characteristics vary as you map The Representation into the higher order dimensions!"

Now, the notion of the ALL_ELEVEN having characteristics beyond what we can see in the 2-D representation is simply an extension of the Moose Shadows my Dad made on the wall. I expect that since this vision (and its precursor - the ALL_SEVEN) was received by me, it makes sense that its higher order characteristics are going to have some kind of relevance to things in my life and things that attract me.

I am very attracted to the taste of STRAWBERRY. Always have been. Always will be.

So I threw that in simply because it seemed right. If the characteristics are going to vary going into the higher order dimensions (just like that 2-D moose becoming my Dad's 3-D hand) then why not fix the sensation of taste as one of the higher order characteristics that become "visible"? I mean, taste is still a rather mysterious, almost extra-dimensional characteristic when you come right down to it. So why not Strawberry?

To sum it all up: The basic idea here is that ALL_ELEVEN and its precursor (ALL_SEVEN) are Divine symbols that have been received by me through an unknown method of discovery. But to make the leap that they may actually be lower dimensional representations of some extra-dimensional object or set of object requires very little faith in anything Divine. It's more an issue of how you view the objects around you. It's a physical thing. Are the objects around you merely 3-D flotsam and jetsam? Or is there another unseen component, a higher dimensional one, at play? Is the higher dimensional object or set of objects being "illuminated" in some fashion and this ends up being what you see in 3-D Land?  It's very possible. Likely, even. And this isn't just little old me talking about this, this is actually a sidebar to String Theory. Look it up, if you don't believe me.

We are but the Shadows of our higher dimensional selves. Yes, in fact, we are Shadow Puppets. And the same can be said for every bit of matter and every form of life we interact with here in 3-D land. Now, the trick is this:  find the mechanism for viewing the Higher Dimensional world. Expanding the brain's capacity for thinking in this fashion is essential to our continued development.  I believe there are exercises for achieving this. Over the next year, we will share some of these exercises. As they become available. As they become de-classified.

More information concerning ALL_ELEVEN can be found here.

Any questions, you know where to find me.

Jim Jala*AN
Sedona [VOC], AZ, USA