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the 11:11 Cipher of Patient ZERO [V5.1]

Main Entry: ci·pher; Pronunciation: 'sI-f&r; Function: noun; Usage: often attributive; Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French cifre, from Medieval, Latin cifra, from Arabic sifr empty, cipher, zero; 1a: ZERO; 1b: one that has no weight, worth, or influence – NONENTITY; 2a: a method of transforming a text in order to conceal its meaning -- compare CODE; 2b: a message in code; 3: ARABIC NUMERAL; 4: a combination of symbolic letters; especially: the interwoven initials of a name.

My Two Eyes Look Deep Into Your Two Eyes (II--->II).
We See The Living Language of Light (All 22).
We See The Holy Dove and ALL THAT IS GOOD.
We See The HEX (and The Horned One).
We See The Serpent.
We See The End Times.
We See The Dove and Serpent: TWO-GETHER.
And Finally,
Deep Into Our OMEGA,
We See The Two Become The ONE.
The Journey Completes.
The NU is upon us. (BTW --- NU "!=" NEW)

And this ---

:: Key I (b) ::
Hyponitrite Reductase

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh... I see... oneness!"

Well, 11:11 really is "an 11 to 11 ratio" which really is 11/11 (11 divided by 11) which really *is* 1. But (seems to me) it's a whole bunch of other things in the middle. And right now, at best, we're still in (or near) the NU. And remember, NU "!=" NEW.

And the rest (from a Shared Sacred Vision) ---

The NU is actually THE NEXT STEP (just prior to The NEW, actually). The NU is what it's always been - a vast, primordial, and very stagnant ocean (yes, think "PEEEE-UUUUU"). Out of The NU rises the Primeval Hill. That's where the TEMPLE is. The TEMPLE is, in fact, the Temple of The NEW. Arriving at The NEW, all previous limitations of The Stagnant and The Stinky NU (and "the old") cease to be. The journey, THE FINAL LEG, has ended. The transfer activates, completing the alignment of all 1111 Sacred Pyramids into The ONE. The calcified parameters of duality (of the old *and* of The NU) have dissolved forevermore. It marks, with much less fanfare than you might imagine, the CREMATION of The Dove and The Serpent. It heralds The New Beginning. This extends, transforms and erases the outer parameters of our probable realities. We now discover ourselves to be aligned with a totally NEW scorecard. In fact, at this point, why even call it a scorecard? The NEW cannot be found within the narrow limitations of the Scorecard of Duality. We had to travel off the map of the known onto an entirely NEW map. And on the map of the Unknown NEW, nothing will be found within its old positioning. But as you merge into The NEW, the Invisible is made Visible ("the blind can see") and the CHARTING can begin. Here you stand, reborn ANEW, deep inside the Temple of The NEW. And if there was music playing in the air, it would be U2's BEAUTIFUL DAY.

What you don't have, you don't need it now
What you don't know, you can feel it somehow
What you don't have, you don't need it now
Don't need it now
It *is* a beautiful day