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Our "Alien" Ancestry...

I'm actually taking a well-deserved day off from work today. It's been quite a while since I actually had a full day off. Took a wonderful walk through massive open space just after sunrise this morning. There's this 10 mile exercise trail that sits on the western edge of Lawrence - perfect for clearing the mind! Mowed the lawn. Watched some live testimony about the Patriot Act on C-SPAN. And now I'm penning my week-ending LJ Blog entry. I'm choosing to end this week with a bit of a reveal. It's me revealing something that I haven't really delved into in any of my previously released material. I’ve hinted at it. But nothing like I’m doing today. Here you go: It is my belief that life on Earth was seeded and then manipulated by advanced scientists from another part of the Universe.

Yes, Alien Scientists.

Now you're thinking, "OK, the 111 and 11:11 stuff was strange enough, but now THIS too?!" Well, I just said what had to be said. This IS a reveal. So, by its very nature, it may take some of you by surprise. Please remember my background: chemist, biologist, physicist, mathematician, and IT Professional. This isn't some kooky loser from off the street telling you this. It's ME. Admittedly, the concept is usually greeted with great suspicion. The Raelians are a prime example of a movement that has this at the core of its belief system - and look what's happened to them! Scoffed at. Written off. Buried even deeper into the realms of obscurity. So it is not without risk that I make the reveal. But it really is a central part of my belief system and one that I now feel called to share. I made the same decision about 111 and 11:11 many moons ago. Somehow, it was easier to start sharing THAT strange stuff than it is to begin sharing THIS strange stuff. But share I will.

Look, this stuff isn't something I just made up. It has its roots in a very ancient school of thought. That school of thought actually has a name. It's called PANSPERMIA. It was originally discussed in the 3rd century by one of the first Great Greek Philosophers, Anaxagora (there's that AN again!). In the 1800s, French chemist Louis Pasteur proposed that spontaneous generation of life could not have occurred on Earth. British physicist Lord Kelvin and others jumped on Pasteur's bandwagon and suggested that life might have come from space. It took on a more formal, modern-day presence through the work of Hermann von Helmholzt in 1879. Panspermia states that the seeds of life are prevalent throughout the Universe. It furthermore states that life on Earth began by such seeds landing on Earth and propagating. Now the big question is how they got here. Combine my strong belief the WE ARE NOT ALONE with the Panspermia notion and it's easy to see why I think the way I do. It’s why I recognize the Alien Progenitor concept.

So what do the Raelians believe and why don't I just adhere to their order? Good question. I am not necessarily in some kind of anti-Raelian camp, but they really do turn me off. Completely. All the way from their leader (failed race car driver Claude Vorilhon - aka "RAEL" ) to their recent claims about cloning a human being: these people are just not for me. It is my gut feeling that much of their movement will soon be discredited somehow. For example, the whole thing could collapse if "RAEL" confesses that he made it up out of thin air. Or if this becomes known through some kind of covert operation (read: a SPY inside their order). At any rate, on 12/13/1973, Vorilhon said he was walking in the Clermont-Ferrand volcanic mountain range in France (France?! Puh-lease!) when a UFO touched down. Humanoid creatures with pale greenish skin and almond-shaped eyes took him aboard, saying they wanted him to be their messenger to humankind. The aliens explained they cloned the first people 25,000 years ago. The little green people (BTW - the fact that they were "little" and "green" is pretty darn hilarious) said that Vorilhon was himself a clone and that they impregnated his mother in 1946 after the use of the first atomic bombs awakened them to mankind's advanced scientific knowledge. Vorilhon, who frequently dons flowing white garments, said his mission was to spread the word that there is no God, and that science and our alien forefathers would set people free -- physically and sexually -- and help them live forever. Two years after the aliens' first visit, they reappeared and took Vorilhon to another planet where he said he met Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha. All became immortal through cloning, he said.

Ummmm… OK.

Listen, it's my opinion that this guy is off his rocker. If he had simply stated this as his own, very personal belief system, I would have had less trouble accepting it. Vorilhon just doesn't seem smart enough to me. He seems like some kind of lower-order charlatan. Selling snake oil. Kind of like how Joseph Smith dreamed up the Mormon faith and then sold it to millions of people. Only "RAEL" will never get as many followers. I will continue to track the RAELIANS and monitor their publications, but I would never sign up. For one thing, I'm too much of a GDI to ever jump on that kind of bandwagon. For another, I've heard that Vorilhon rarely bathes. EWWWWW! Disgusting! Ha! Just kidding, I made that last part up as a joke! Please, look into these folks if you feel called to do so. Don't let me stop you.

But getting back to PANSPERMIA…

Again, the theory is this: life on Earth originated when certain material (bacterial spores, perhaps) arrived here from space. It is my belief that this material was carried here by an Alien Progenitor race. There is a growing body of evidence that supports the first claim. There's very little direct evidence that an Alien Progenitor race was responsible. But that second part will appeal to a great many people - for it requires a leap of faith. Again, not too big of a leap for those of us who are convinced that WE ARE NOT ALONE. But the body of evidence supporting the first claim only continues to grow. Some recent events supporting this notion:

- 8/7/1996: NASA announced fossilized evideence of ancient life in meteorite ALH 84001 from Mars.

- 7/29/1997: a NASA scientist announced eviidence of fossilized microscopic life forms in a meteorite not from any planet.

- 1/4/1999: NASA officially recognized the possibility that life on Earth comes from space.

- 4/26/2000: the team operating the mass sppectrometer on NASA's Stardust mission announced the detection of very large organic molecules in space. Non-biological sources for organic molecules so large are not known.

- 6/23/2002: Geneticists reported evidence that the evolutionary step from chimps to humans was assisted by viruses.

It's that last one that gets me. And it strengthens my beliefs. I believe there was a moment where the beings that initially seeded life here intervened a second time. And helped to accelerate and control the "evolutionary steps" needed to bridge the gap between chimps and human beings. These notions can neither be proved nor disproved. But the current research strongly suggests that life on Earth has extraterrestrial origins. The leap to the Alien Progenitor concept is where my head goes next. This thinking comes very naturally to me.

Won't you join me in this way of thinking? Oh? You say you're already there? How wonderful!

Our Alien Ancestry

Jim Jala*AN
Sedona [VOC], AZ, USA