Jun. 28th, 2005 @ 05:55 am Back in the Heartland!
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The Monkey is home. Safe and Sound. Plant was just incredible, BTW. We were in the 4th row back, stage right. Sure, he looks pretty damn old, but he rocks just as hard as someone half his age! Lots of the new stuff from MIGHTY REARRANGER and lots of brand new versions of classic Zeppelin. We ate it up.

Monkey@Home, 2005
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Jun. 26th, 2005 @ 06:22 am Live From Extreme Northwest New Jersey!
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NYC was great. SPAMALOT was insanely, unbelievably awesome. So funny. So Perfect. So WACKY. Standing O. Tim Curry is just THE BEST. Without revealing too much, I just want to say that the search for the Holy Grail ends up involving a large structure depicting the following 4 characters carved mightily into stone:


Yes, A101!!! HA!!!

King Arthur (Tim) even says something like "Please tell us, Oh Lord, what thy symbol means and how it can help lead us, oh Lord, to thy Holy Grail." I'm paraphrasing, but that was pretty much the gist. I kid you not. This is actually what the whole darn thing builds up to (aside from the wedding scene at the end - YES, THE WEDDING SCENE!).

Hello?! A101?! A=1? 1101???!!! Stretcher? I don't think so...
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Jun. 24th, 2005 @ 04:44 pm My Upcoming NYC Whirlwind Adventure Weekend!
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Here's an out-of-character personal-life-details-type update for you. And no, regular updates have not started up again. But here's the itinerary for my NYC Whirlwind Adventure Weekend which kicks off early tomorrow morning!


7AM - MCI to EWR.
Arrive at Newark Liberty.
PATH Train to Hoboken.
Visit Alma Mater (Stevens Institute of Technology).
PATH Train to NYC.
Chess Tables in Washington Sq. Park.
Meet J&L for Thai.
Then SPAMALOT @ The Shubert.


Leave NYC.
Head for the wooded foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Northwest New Jersey.
Get some sleep.


Wake up in extreme NW NJ (J&L's McMansion).
Visit M&D in the Poconos.
Hike on the Copper Mine Trail.
Swim in the Delaware.
Get cleaned up.
Head back into NYC.
Ground Zero.
Dinner (TBD)
Then PLANT @ The Beacon.

Robert Plant's New CD


7AM - EWR to MCI - Back to The Heartland!
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Jun. 18th, 2005 @ 10:44 am A Representation: The Clearing, 2005
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The Clearing
The Clearing, Late 2005 - A Photographic Representation of Our Shared Future
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Jun. 18th, 2005 @ 10:37 am A Self-Portrait: Looking Out (Still)
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Looking Out
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Jun. 18th, 2005 @ 10:33 am The Tau, The DG-Tau, and The Big Dan T...
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No, regular updates have not started up again. I told you: you'll have to wait until The Clearing (on or after 9/21). But in the meantime, I do have Three Things for you:

The Tau
The Tau

The DG-Tau
The DG-Tau

The Big Dan T

'Nuff said!!!
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Jun. 11th, 2005 @ 10:44 am MOOB! Tonight! Be There!
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MOOB - Made out of Babies - will be here in Lawrence again tonight! See you there?


"Brooklyn's Made out of Babies has a secret weapon: a squeaky girl who sings like she needs a straitjacket. Julie (no last names here) sells her dangerous-nutwoman act with conviction, using a dozen different creepy-kid voices --- she could record a radio play of V.C. Andrews' Flowers in the Attic all by herself --- plus a couple demented-hag impressions and a shriek that makes you want to call 911."

Show info: http://www.lawrence.com/events/2005/jun/11/9809/

Looking Up - 2005
Looking Up (from where I'm sitting right now)

Looking Up - 1983
Looking Up (from Way Back When - 22 years ago!)

p.s. --- and just because I made three posts in one day does NOT mean regular posting has started up again. I told you, we will ALL have to wait until The Clearing for that to happen again. Like I said, some time after 9/21...
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Jun. 11th, 2005 @ 09:22 am I've Got a Golden Ticket...
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Well, what can I say, I JUST DO.

My Golden Ticket
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Jun. 11th, 2005 @ 09:11 am Burning Man Update: V9:21:06.10.05
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Hey gang! Been a while, no? After spending parts of May travelling
across Texas visiting several burners there, and otherwise scrambling as
we gear up for 2005, we're back in the saddle (or, rather, we've climbed
down OUT of the saddle to get back to our computers.) And just in time -
May flowers have given way to June's gale force madness blowin' through
the office. And since that the burn is 85 days, 6 hours, 25 minutes and
16 seconds away from *rightnow*... you can expect to be hearing a lot
more from us.

Since the Miss Meow caught us up on a lot of news with a double dose of
JRS last week, one might think this JRS would be brief. One would be
wrong. Witness: a story about burn night etiquitte, Burning Man in the
news, deadlines approaching for Theme Camps, Villages, Low Income Ticket
Applications, the What Where When, AND Press
registration...opportunities to join in the creation of Theme Art this
year, or to greet or join the Love Army or get together at the local
level. There's also some info about submitting to the JRS and the
upcoming resources issue. It's all straight from our laptops and into
your inbox. Hey, you're welcome.

(Oh...and don't forget that Cafe Craft Party Saturday June 11th at the
Burning Man offices 1-6pm. http://www.burningman.com/officedirections )

Ready for it then? Walk this way.

====================TABLE OF CONTENTS=======================

--BRC News--
**Hayes Green: David Best Temple Is Up! (SF)**
**Burning Man in the News**
**"SIT DOWN!!!" "I DON'T WANT TO!" Standing vs. Sitting at a Burn?**
**Call for Designs for Burning Man Stickers!**
**REMINDER: Time is Running Out To Register Theme Camps and Villages!**
**What, Where, When on the Playa**
**TICKET UPDATE: Deadlines, Walkin Outlets, and MORE**
**SUBMISSIONS TO THE JRS - A few notes from the Rabbits**

**THEME ART TAKE ONE: Synapses Project invites you! (SF, CA)**
**THEME ART TAKE TWO: Inner Mind Invites You to Participate! (FROM ANYWHERE!)**
**JOIN LOVE ARMY - Worlds' First Theme Cult**
**Healing Map of the Playa - Be listed!**

--Events and Happenings--
**OPULENT TEMPLE FUNDRAISER - 6/11 San Francisco**
**DISORIENT FUNDRAISER** 6/17 Brooklyn Heights, NY


===================BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS======================


**Hayes Green: David Best Temple Is Up! SF**

A few photos of that beautiful David Best temple at Hayes Green in San Francisco:


OR...come see it for yourself at the DEDICATION:

You are among the people who made it possible to bring this amazing,
beautiful, community-based project to fruition. We very much hope you
can join us in celebration:

Thursday, June 16th 5pm
Dedication of the David Best 'Temple' Project at
the new Hayes Green

(The Hayes Green runs along Octavia between Hayes and Fell Streets in
San Francisco.)

David and his crew, members of the San Francisco Arts Commission, donors
and supporters, members and directors of the Black Rock Arts Foundation,
and Hayes Valley neighbors will be there. All are welcome, and light
refreshments will be served.

If you have any questions, please call us at the Black Rock Arts
Foundation office, 415.626.1248.


**Burning Man in the News**

BURNING MAN AT 20: Rev. Billy warns of rampant consumerism's eternal
price Leslie Fulbright, Chronicle Staff Writer Saturday, June 4, 2005
San Francisco Chronicle

(To keep up with the Chronicle's ongoing series on Burning Man, visit
http://www.sfgate.com/burningman )


**"SIT DOWN!!!" "I DON'T WANT TO!" Standing vs. Sitting at a Burn?**

Zoe shares her story with us, and we share it with you:

"Last year I attended Burning Man for my 7th straight year. The night
of the burn I arrived at the circle of people crowded around the man,
found a nice spot, not too close, not too far. My friends and I waited
as people filled in both in front of and behind us. Eventually we were
all packed in. There were two other groups next to us, one of them
included an elderly gentleman being helped to his spot by his friends.
Eventually people started sitting down. We chose to stand.

The gentleman in front of us could not sit on the playa due to his bad
knees, so we all grouped together, the standees (there were about 15 of
us), to minimize our impact on the sitters' view. A few people began to
ask us to sit down, we politely explained that we could not. Someone on
a megaphone began to chant 'Sit down, sit down.' This turned into a mob
of approx. 250 people chanting 'Sit down, sit down,' in unison. We
declined. They formed a leadership group and sent emissaries. My
partner and I happened to be standing at the back of the group, so we
received the delegates, explained to them that it was a matter of free
choice, and that we were not going to sit down.

After my partner explained this, the next thing over the megaphone was
'Asshole, asshole.' It bummed him out, to say the least, to hear a
group that size chanting that at him. Another person was sent to talk
to us. I explained again that our participation included standing, and
apologized if it interfered with their view. The delegate could not
understand our point about choice, and claimed that we chose to do this
out of spite. He went back, and the next thing over the megaphone was
'Cunt, cunt,' (directed at me). I have never felt so much hatred on
burn night.

Of course, these things escalate, and eventually people started throwing
things (what happened to LNT?), including a full 1 liter bottle of water
which hit the elderly gentleman in the head. He was bewildered. It was
his first burn, and, as a veteran of many Grateful Dead shows and the
like, he claimed he had never felt such animosity. I assured him that
we just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that
mob mentality can happen anywhere. I witnessed a fist fight break out
between a member of the standees and a member of the sitters. Blood was
flowing from both of their noses. Once the sitters realized they had
injured an old man they all stood up. 'Stand up! Stand up!' came out
over the megaphone.

I am writing because I am still amazed that this happened at Burning
Man. A point of view, a place to look at something -- this is called
'spectation'. The sitters were complaining because their spectation had
been interfered with. That this escalated to litter and violence is
unbelievable to me. I do not want there to be (rules) created to deal
with this. I'd be horrified by zoning for standing vs. sitting, but I
believe that it should be made known that if you want to sit and watch
the man burn, if you want a good view, GET THERE EARLY. It should also
be made known that Burning Man is not hippie happy fun land where
everyone can come to the same agreement and live in utopian harmony. If
I'm not mistaken, tolerance for other's choices of self-expression is
one of the core values of our fair city. I want to stress that we were
not standing so close to the man that it was ridiculous for us to be
standing; we were a good way back, even behind a few art cars. I feel my
participation was definitely interrupted by a mob screaming "Cunt" at
me. This kind of violent hatred is a little disturbing when the
perpetrators have access to flamethrowers.

Thanks for listening. - Zoe"

Actiongrl says: We know Zoe's not the only one who's had such an
experience, because we've heard similar stories, and we've seen it
happen ourselves. In the case of this story, it's clear that Zoe and
friends were a fair number of rows back from the front - behind some art
cars, even. (For what it's worth, if you're in the very first few rows
at a burn, a Ranger will ask you to sit down - this helps create a
barrier against surging crowds shoving or nudging the first few rows
into the burn circle perimeter. Thus, if you KNOW you want to sit down,
and get a good warm view, show up early and get a spot in the first few rows.)

And if you're farther back and some folks are choosing to stand, because
they got there early or they have a bum knee or a sitting-prohibitive
garment...for that matter, if they just choose instead to stand...well,
rather than hurl insults or bottles, perhaps have a moment of
reflection: as soon as the action starts, folks have a tendency to stand
up anyway. And it's probably never worth it to let things get so nasty
that people are still stinging 9 months later from the emotional upset...
or kindly gentlemen are pegged in the head with heavy objects.

Normally, mind you, I only preach etiquette when asked in an advice
column, but since I've seen this (I became overwhelmed and ran away
in tears to escape the nasty vibe of a similar occurence at the Temple burn)
Zoe's story struck home.

Your faithful rabbits would like to call a moment for us all to reflect
on whether this particular phenomenon at a burn isn't something we might
handle differently the next time we are faced with it.


**Call for Designs for Burning Man Stickers!**

Hey, if you dig those stickers we pass out at the greeters with the map,
BRG, etc., you know, the clear vinyl ones, and you're interested in
contributing a design...now is your chance. Each year we take design
submissions for the window sticker decal. We always have wonderful
submissions, and a few years ago we printed 3 or 4 more of various
shapes and sizes to be randomly distributed throughout the event and the
year. It's time once again to submit your sticker designs!

The clear vinyl 2005 window sticker is circular and will be printed in
two colors. The design should contain the name Burning Man, the year
2005 and have something to do with the Psyche
<http://www.burningman.com/art_of_burningman/bm05_theme.html> theme. The
URL for www.burningman.com is an optional element in the design. The
final sticker will be 2.5 or 3 inches in diameter depending on cost.

To be considered for the other (non window) stickers you can submit
designs that might fit well within constraints of 2.25" x 5.5." or 3" x
3" or somewhere in between. Those can be square, rectangular or
circular. We'd like to see elements that will make the sticker
recognizable for this year. This includes the year 2005, words Burning
Man (optional if you use the logo), the Psyche (not imperative), the
logo, etc. Two color are the easiest to work with due to costs. Designs
with more colors WILL be considered as we allocate the print runs based
on the design/color/staff preference, etc. So, go crazy, but understand
what the limitations are.

We'd MUCH prefer the designs to be printed on a web page, but will also
consider submissions via email. Here's how to share your stuff with us.
Send your URL, or your designs as an Adobe Illustrator file to
bex@burningman.com. PLEASE put STICKER DESIGN in your header so we don't
think you're spam! We'd hate to miss seeing your cool stuff.

Your deadline? June 23rd. Get on it!


**REMINDER: Time is Running Out To Register Theme Camps and Villages!**

YIKES!!! – The deadline for THEME CAMP submissions is rapidly

NOW is the time! - fill out your questionnaire and get your map and
cleanup plan in to us by June 30th, 2005 11:59 PM for placement in Black
Rock City 2005.

You can go here: http://forms.burningman.com/tcq2k5/ and access the
theme camp form. It will take you approximately 30 minutes to fill it
out, so be patient and prepared to answer tons of questions! This is
your camp's key to placement, being mapped, and other goodies, so be
sure to register NOW!

(Many participants have found it useful to print a copy of this
questionnaire to fill out while off-line. We have provided a PDF
version of the Theme Camp questionnaire for this purpose).

Don't miss the deadline!!


**What, Where, When on the Playa**

Deadline: Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
LOCATION: http://burningman.com/calendar/playa/

Howdy! Many of you have known that the Playa Calendar is open and
accepting submissions for the What Where When guide. The What Where
When is the printed version of the Playa Calendar that is handed to
every participant who comes through the gates of Black Rock City. This
guide is a great way to publicize your participatory event. If you want
to make your on-playa event known and encourage Black Rock citizens to
attend, now's the time to get your text ready and submit it. We will be
taking submissions for the printed version up until Wednesday, July
20th, so you only have a few weeks left! So far, we've received a good
number, mostly from the early birds we hear from every year (thank
you!!) but I know there are those of you out there who like to wait
until the last minute! Of course, this makes the What Where When crew
insane, so the earlier the better. Here are some things to think about
when preparing your entry:

1. Keep the descriptive text short and to the point. (We edit the
printed version for length.) There is no need to include the time and
location in the descriptive text, there are fields for that. Extraneous
text like "See you there" or "We're so excited!" can be left out.

2. There is a "Hosted by/Camp Name" field. Put in the name of your camp
(or the camp where your event is hosted). If the name of your camp
matches the name we have in our Theme camp database, it makes putting
your physical location (city street address) in MUCH easier. We will
know your address from the theme camp mapping team and will put your
address in alongside your entry. If your camp is NOT mapped (not a
registered theme camp), please include the location you plan on camping.
If you don't camp there, there's really nothing we can do about it once
the guide is printed, so please be sure to check this years map taking
note of the new areas that are reserved for theme camps. If the place
you're used to camping falls into one of these reserved areas, you will
need to consider an alternate location. See the map below for


3. If your event happens on several days at the same time and location,
it can be entered as a repeating event. If your event has the same
description, but its time and/or location varies, you will need to enter
a separate event for each.

4. If you have a problem with your event and you need something changed,
feel free to send a note to the email address listed on every page of
the playa calendar. We'll be happy to correct something.

5. Oh, and finally, be sure to take special note of the AM/PM buttons.
That is the most often requested change. People just forget it's there
and need it changed from AM to PM all the time.

6. The WWW does get handed out at the gate in a printed version, it's
true. However, because of print deadlines, it only holds items submitted
(of course) before the July 20th deadline. Thus, some folks choose to
print out the most up-to-the-minute version and staple the pages right
before they hop in the car. Up to you!

OK, so now that you know all about WHAT to do, you need to know WHERE to


and you'll need to know WHEN to submit your event by: Wednesday, July
20th is the last date for submission for the printed guide. We will
still accept events for the online calendar up until the day the event
begins, but events submitted after the deadline will not be included in
the What Where When guide. Thank you for your submissions and I look
forward to proofreading them!

*Spanky, Bex, and the Playa Calendar crew



The Media Team reminds you that the deadline for registering your
video/film project with Media Mecca is coming up - July 15th!

All other non-video related projects are asked to register by August 1.

What? You say you're not sure your project qualifies as "press"? Here's
the 1-2-3 test: if you're going to capture video, photos, or film that
you plan to show *beyond* just your friends and family (for example, in
a film festival, at a regional event, in a magazine, on a non-personal
website, etc.) you must register in advance and tell us about your
project. You know the drill, so say it with us: "No commercial use of
images obtained at Burning Man without specific written permission."

Questions? press@burningman.com


**TICKET UPDATE: Deadlines, Walkin Outlets, and MORE**

The deadline to apply for Low Income tickets is fast approaching! We
still have a good number of tickets at this level left so if you were
considering applying do it today. The deadline to apply for these
special tickets is July 1st or as long as supplies last.

For more info check out this page:

The deadline to order tickets by mail is also upon us. Mail Order sales
end June 30, 2005. After that time, please order your tickets online.

To order by mail, CLEARLY print your first and last name, mailing
address, contact info (either an email address or phone number), how
many tickets you would like to order and mail with payment (MONEY ORDER
OR CASHIER'S CHECK ONLY!!) to the address below:

Burning Man PO Box 884688 San Francisco, CA 94188-4688

If you wish to have your tickets sent to you by secure delivery, please
clearly indicate so on your order and add an additional $10 to your

We are psyched to announce our WALK IN OUTLETS for 2005. They won't come
as a surprise - we have been working with these fantastic folks for
years now. They have offered to donate their time and their stores to
help our community have a different way to purchase tickets. Please
remember these businesses are owned and run by members of our community,
we should treat them with understanding and respect for opening their
doors and helping out.

The Melting Pot 888 Virginia St Reno, NV Hours: Monday - Saturday 10:30
AM - 7:00 PM, Sunday 12:00 - 5:00 PM

Cheap Thrills 1217 21st St Sacramento, CA Hours: Monday-Thursday 10 :00
AM - 6:00 PM, Friday & Saturday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Distractions 1552 Haight Street (Upper Haight) San Francisco, CA Hours:
Monday-Saturday 11:30 AM - 7:30 PM, Sunday 11:30 AM - 6:30 PM

Berkeley Hat Company 2510 Telegraph Avenue Berkeley, CA Hours:
Monday-Thursday 10:30 AM -6:00 PM, Friday and Saturday 10:30 AM - 6:30
PM, Sunday 12:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Outlets are selling $250 tickets. Outlet sales are CASH or MONEY ORDER/
CASHIER'S CHECK ONLY - no other forms of payment are accepted.

Need to buy tickets online? Go here: http://tickets.burningman.com/

Questions about an Online order? Go here and use the pull down menu:

See y'all on the playa! The Ticket Team


**SUBMISSIONS TO THE JRS - A few notes from the Rabbits**

Short and sweet here - a few notes about submitting to the JRS:

1. The deadline is changing to accomodate an updated weekly schedule.
The new deadline is Sunday nights at 11:59 PM.

2. Send to jackrabbitspeaks@burningman.com and TYPE:


in the subject line! See, if we're racing with a JRS deadline, and
you've submitted an item by replying to the last issue or just typing
"Hey!!" in the subject line, then your post looks like a hundred other
emails we got that day and we might miss it. And, dig it:
"POST REQUEST (with a reference to your post here!)"

is even BETTER, in case we need to reference your email later and can't
recall who sent it to us.

3. The RESOURCES ISSUE is coming up at the end of June....we do a once
yearly issue of the JRS with links to special deals and offers for playa
preparation. Why one issue? Easy reference, natch...plus, this way,
those that don't want any resources peanut butter in their JRS chocolate
may simply take a pass and skip that issue. For those who appreciate it,
it's coming to you earlier this year so you can plan ahead... and for
those who seek to be listed in it, the DEADLINE for the Resources Issue
will be Sunday, June 19th at 11:59 PM.

4. Reminder: we love your stories, your questions, even your
complaints...it's good to know you're out there and reading and care
enough to hit reply. Really.




**THEME ART TAKE ONE: Synapses Project invites you! (SF, CA)**

Step right up! Step right up! Charlie Smith and Jaime Ladet are doing a
national fire caldron building tour that encompasses six cities. The
sculptures built in these workshops are coming together at Burning Man
2005. The San Francisco Synapses Project workshop = July 8-11.

This is a call for participation on a project that involves hands on
metal fabrication and sculpting of large scale wood burning fire
caldrons. The workshop is geared toward all skill levels from beginner
to advanced. We are looking forward to working with you all in the bay
area! Please visit our web site www.howhowhow.com to learn more about
this project and how to become a participant. Thanks for your time and
energies toward this adventure!
Charlie and Jaime
Synapses Project


**THEME ART TAKE TWO: Inner Mind Invites You to Participate! (FROM ANYWHERE!)**

Gary Stadler of San Diego is creating the Inner Mind:
with a grant from Burning Man. He's looking for participants to help generate
content for the installation.

Gary says:

"I have a little request. For our InnerMind project, I need a ton of
photos from burners, pictures that are favorite moments or memories
taken preferably at Burning Man, but not necessarily taken there. I'll
be taking the photos and turning them into little 'sphere' shapes (a
bubble) and loading them all into the computer that will ultimately
project these little "memory bubbles" on to the central column of our
installation. It will look like infinite numbers bubbles of thoughts or
memories rising up and going out (via the light beam out the top) into
the vast universe. So the more of you that send in photos the merrier.

I have created a URL to my site that gets you to a simple browse/upload
utility; burners can use it to load their photos on to my server. I
will only use them for the Burning Man project, nothing else, and I need
to reserve the right to edit them to suit the project's purpose.

Here's the upload URL: http://www.heartmagic.com/InnerMind

Limits: # Only JPEG files # Filesize <= 125KB # Image dimensions no
larger than 800 x 800 # Maximum of 1MB of uploads for each user, based
on IP address of sender

Send Gary photos and see yourself in the Inner Mind on the Playa!


**JOIN LOVE ARMY - Worlds' First Theme Cult**

What’s a Theme Cult? An experiment in viral participation. Think of it
as a de-centralized, open source, guerilla theme paradigm…or “the kind
of thing they did in Fight Club (but without the fighting).”

What’s Love Army? A Theme Cult whose objective is to spread LOVE at
Burning Man ’05 by any means necessary. We are a mighty yet mysterious
alliance. Our uniform is pink, green, hearts and camouflage. We go on
inventive, self-directed missions like: graffiti squads, love song
sing-along, lipstick kissing ambush. Form your own troop or go rogue ­
it’s all good.

Who should join? You buster! Love Army Theme Cult should be especially
awesome for: wide-eyed 1st timers; folks involved with other projects
(volunteers, artists) who still like to dress up and cause chaos; vets
who want to participate in a theme without the commitment of a camp.

We have no idea how this will turn out. That’s why you must join:


**Healing Map of the Playa - Be listed!**

From Amani: "Hello fair rabbits! This year, I am doing the Second Annual Healing Map
of the playa! Last year I had about 30 camps mapped out, all across the
city. My goal is to provide a map for people who might need a little
tending to, while they're in Black Rock City. I'm seeking camps who
provide healing of some sort or another. Reiki, acupuncture,
chiropractic, misting tents, counseling, Anon-meetings, foot rubs,
whatever is meant to soothe and/or heal the participant. Can you help me
by putting out the word to your local camps? I'll need camp name and
address, and services offered.

A little history: In 2004 I was in a car accident that left me with 13
bulging discs in my spine. The only way I could go to Burning Man with
my doctors' approval, was to promise I'd be treated well (like that's
hard in BRC!), and if I could, get some sort of treatment while I was
there. I set out to find out who offered healing on playa. I got so much
positive feedback, from all kinds of people, that I decided to make it
my gift to the community. Every kind of person contacted me- from
disabled people, scared people, injured or addicted or just nervous, and
many others! When I took the maps around here and there, some people had
already heard of them! The Rangers expressed interest in having them on
hand, as did the Medics. I myself used the map, and had some amazing
experiences. I met people I wouldn't have otherwise, I did get
treatment, and I survived BRC without further damage. I dare say that I
heal faster because of my experiences on-playa, specific to healing, or
not. I believe that others can benefit from it too, on many levels!

I hope to make an even more robust map this year, so I'm starting early.
If you could send out a message to your lists, I would greatly
appreciate it! You'll be helping people on-playa, more than we'll ever
know! It's nice to have a map in your playa bag, so if anything happens
to you, mental, physical or emotional, you can just check the map to
find that help isn't ever far from you!

thank you so much! Feedback is appreciated!
Amani Ellen Loutfy- Seattle, WA



Do you like challenges? The Dark Skies Arts Festival (Las Vegas regional
burn) is looking for a Volunteer Coordinator. This person should have a
working knowledge of Microsoft Access and Excel, be available and
respond to email at least daily, and above all must play well with

Role Description: The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for pairing
up willing volunteers into the jobs they are needed for. The VC
databases contact information for volunteers, and where they are camping
at Dark Skies. The VC is responsible for polling all departments as to
their needs and scheduling people to help on an as needed basis. The VC
is the clearing house for all volunteer based efforts at Dark Skies
including front gate, greeters, perimeter, artist support, and clean up.

The VC is responsible for maintaining a call board in center camp during
the event. Via this call board, event participants can see at a glance
when people are needed the most and at what positions throughout the
event. The VC is part manager, part mom/dad, and part cat herder. This
is a volunteer position though we may compensate the VC for their time &
trouble at the conclusion of the event. Living in Las Vegas is not a
prerequisite to doing this job, we just need someone who will stay on
top of it.

Please contact Cameron Grant of VegasArtists.com LLC
cameron@burningman.com 702-300-5445

Thank you, and see you at Dark Skies October 21-23


==================EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS=====================



Join Sound of Mind and celebrate our camp's journey to the playa

Friday June 10, 2005 * 10 pm to 8 am (yes 8 am dirty fun!) * $15 presale
(limited qty) $20 at the door * Playa wear encouraged * Blue Cube, 34 Mason
Street, San Francisco

Full info: http://www.soundofmind.org/events.htm


**OPULENT TEMPLE FUNDRAISER - 6/11 San Francisco**

Pre-sales only $10 ! * Available at http:www.opulenttemple.org -OR- @ BPM
Records, corner of Hayes and Fillmore!!! -OR- $15 before midnight in playa digs.

@ Paradise Lounge * 1501 Folsom @ 11th, SF * 21+ only
10pm-4am+ June 11

More info: http://www.opulenttemple.org/


**DISORIENT FUNDRAISER** 6/17 Brooklyn Heights, NY

Disorient presents In association with Kostume Kult and Freek Factory

COMPRESSOR 2005 (you've heard of Decom... This is the opposite)

June 17, 2005 * 9pm - 5am * The Building, 156 Tillary, Brooklyn Heights
(10,000 sq ft loft) * $25 admission $20 advance tix

**$15 super advance tix on sale now!!!**


All proceeds benefit Disorient 2005 at Black Rock City.

info: http://www.disorient.com/ info: http://compressor2005@hotmail.com/


{Soundtrack to the JRS: Robbie Fulks, "Fuck This Town"}

{PPS: Welcome back, Cabe-the-Rabbit!}

==================ADMIN ON AND OFF THE JRS====================

Email us or questions@burningman.com any time with questions. Email
jackrabbitspeaks@burningman.com by 2 PM PST on Tuesday for post
requests. (We don't post all requests, however.) Please type "POST
REQUEST" in your subject line to make it past the SPAM.

For questions: questions@burningman.com
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Jun. 5th, 2005 @ 03:33 pm The Whole "Haunted Mansion on Top of a Runaway Train" Thing...
Current Mood: Detached
Current Music: Dubbing the Post-9/11 DAVEs onto DVD
Whoa! It's me again! Just popping in again. I told you this might happen! Just wanted to share this with you too! From a recent posting in a friend's LiveJournal comments log:

I have called this world a "Haunted Mansion on Top of a Runaway Train" on a number of occasions over the past 10 or 11 years. Your Haunted Mansion reference last week was completely astounding to me. You see, we were just having a conversation earlier in the day about whether or not the Haunted Mansion ride would be too scary for kids under 5. I specifically stated that they might have trouble with the "little woman" at the end of the ride that reminds visitors to come back soon. Hearing you then, less than 6 hours later, refer to this obscure element of the attraction was astonishing. How did that happen?

I was so moved by it, I decided to find her. And here she is:



I AM Jala*AN.
Lawrence, KS, USA
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May. 27th, 2005 @ 04:11 pm "So Really, When Will You Come Back?"
Current Mood: Detached
Current Music: Symphony Hall 80 (SIRIUS Ch. 80)
I have been getting a number of inquiries from regular fans of "Way [WAY] Beyond Mere IIII_III_IIII Shadow Puppets" wondering when I will start regular updates again. Here's my best guess: 9/21. Or somewhere in that neck of the woods. I know, I know, it's a lot later than I had originally thought... but that's just the way it's going to be... that's the way it HAS to be... trust me on that...

I AM Jala*AN says: "I have a new estimate - we'll be back around 9/21."

p.s. I --- While we're here, how 'bout some mini-reviews?

Star Wars: Episode III - "Two thumbs up! Anyone who thought this movie was 'predictable' or 'boring' or poorly executed needs to have their head examined. Riveting."

ST:ENT Finale - "Two thumbs WAY down! Berman and Braga never fail to disappoint when it comes to this part of the franchise. The finale was SO lame, SO God Awful bad, it made me wonder if it was just a 'joke finale'! Like maybe the REAL finale was coming next week and this was just one last jab at all the 'missing' fans? It totally sucked. But I will buy the box sets. I already have S1."

Deadwood Finale - "Superb! Tight cast! So real, it's like we're watching the town through Webcams strategically placed there in the past by alien time-traveling entertainment acquisition specialists. FIVE STARS! SMART TV FOR SMART HUMANS!"

RadioAaron.com - "Thought Provoking. Frightening. Entertaining. Every Sunday. Without fail. Be there."

My new Panasonic DMR-E75VS Progressive-Scan DVD Recorder/VCR Combo - "FINALLY getting all that old home video onto DVD! Oh yes! This machine is awesome! And the Most Ancient 8mm stuff has finally gone digital now too! WOOHOO! We made it!"

DOOL [for the past 6 months?] - "Plotline stuck again. Typical Days Unresolved Quagmire. Bring the boys home. Resolve everything. Feed Kate to the wolves. Move on."

Pee Wee's Playhouse on DVD - "Timeless, priceless, and I always get weepy when he sails out the playhouse on that damn scooter at the end of each show."

Boise, ID, USA - "From WAY out there in Extreme Left Field, it's NUMBER ONE?!" Yup, it sure is: http://www.forbes.com/lists/2005/1/2832.shtml

EDIT, 5/28/2005: http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&ned=us&ie=UTF-8&q=boise+powerball+220

p.s. II --- We still feel The Event. It's out there. Lurking. And we won't be able to stop it.

p.s. III --- Going Dark again. Seriously, don't expect many updates until after The Clearing (post-9/21). It will be a whole different world. Trust me. Later, folks!
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May. 26th, 2005 @ 04:44 pm A Few More "Even Though We're Closed" Tidbits…
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Current Music: Symphony Hall 80 (SIRIUS Ch. 80)
Some Stuff to Ponder While We're Away -

This is the Egyptian Hieroglyph of an Inverted Temple:

Temple, Inverted

And this is the ALL_ELEVEN:


OK, I'm just sayin'...
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May. 14th, 2005 @ 07:44 pm Yes, We're Still Closed (but I couldn't resist!)
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Current Music: News, not music (wcbs880.com)
War in New Jersey
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May. 10th, 2005 @ 12:37 am The 137-Year-Old Man Says...
Current Mood: Feeling Safe
Current Music: News, not music (wcbs880.com)
"This Blog is closed for at least a month. We'll be back by the 4th of July at the latest. If you need something in the meantime, feel free to write or call. Until then - STAY SAFE!"
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May. 9th, 2005 @ 11:11 pm Since It's Getting So Close To ZERO HOUR Again...
Current Mood: FEARLESS !!!
Current Music: Nine Inch Nails (WITH TEETH)
I just wanted you all to know that a great many of us are picking up on an event. This event will happen sooner rather than later. This event will overshadow the events of 9/11/01 by several orders of magnitude. It will occur on our shores. Likely targets will again be the Halls of Commerce in NYC. Everyone I've talked to lately sees "it" - it's just sitting out there. It doesn't get prevented. It actually happens. At this time, I feel it would be a good idea to repeat my 911 Premonitions piece. I actually caught a lot of flack for not speaking up about my NYC premonitions sooner. Well, I'm feeling these feelings again. It's huge. And again, it will dwarf 911.

"The 911 Tragedy: My 1:11 NYC Skyline Is Gone [END 111]"
By Jim Ward-Nichols

To those of us who "knew" (in our mind's eye) that something like this was going to happen:

I trust that you are still safe and that you are still sorting out your prophetic visions of the disaster. I too, for nearly 20 years, have had visions, thoughts, premonitions, whatever you want to call them, about something (like a plane) crashing into The Towers (or the Empire State Building). I went to college in Hoboken, NJ in the early 80's and the view of what my friends at the time called "the biggest 1:11 on the face of the planet" stared us in the face each and every day as we made our way around the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology. I used to look out my dorm room window (which was right along the Hudson and faced out toward NYC) thinking, wow THIS "is" ONE ONE ONE (the Empire State Building and the Two Towers). I also remember thinking what would happen if a plane or some other form of aircraft slammed into any of the three components of that 1:11 Skyline. Disaster. Chaos. I could actually see it happening. Once I had the vision the first time, it was hard to shake it (meaning, I would see it every time I looked at the skyline). My visions were so pronounced to me at the time, that I "drew" these visions into the cover of a humor magazine (DUCKLIPS) that I helped found with several colleagues at the Institute. I used our campus' student center building, which sits right along the Hudson, as the target for the "incoming". The act of drawing this out, at the time, was very helpful to me. I had transformed the nightmarish visions of something crashing into the 1:11 Skyline into some kind of exaggerated, humorous image (the magazine itself, called Ducklips, is seen crashing into the tower on campus). We used it in the Fall of 1982 for the cover on a "best of" compilation. The quote under the DUCKLIPS logo says "So just what *is* a ZERO HOUR, anyway?" (a reference to the fact that during freshman year, all our tests were taken prior to the 1st scheduled class of the day --- in the ZERO HOUR ['round 7AM or so as I recall]).

Doomsday, 1982

I felt a special connection to The Towers not only because they were in my face all the time for all those years but because they were entirely symbolic to me, at the time, of ONE ONE ONE. Not just 111, but 1:11 (with the ":" separating the Empire State Building from the Two Towers). In 1983, I remember taking a series of photos over the course of two days which showed the view of the Towers from the roof of my building on campus and then the very next day we went to the observation deck and took shots looking back at the campus in Hoboken.

In late 1988, I was in NYC driving around with Colorado plates on my car having just returned from a year away from the east coast. "The classic tourist", people must have thought, as I periodically jumped out of my car (at stop lights even) and took video. Down near NYU, I had parked the car and was filming all kinds of different shots of the WTC. The Goodyear blimp was flying overhead. I filmed it as it crossed the sky and as it appeared to fly directly into the side of a building that was near where I was filming. I remembered my early 80's visions of something crashing into my 1:11 Skyline. Since I could see how this looked through the viewfinder, I said "BOOM!" on the tape just as the blimp flew "into" the side of the building. It was bright daylight for that shot. Right after the "BOOM!", the scene abruptly switches to a crisp night shot of the Twin Towers all lit up. I then played with a shard of light in the frame, making it splash straight across the shot three flashes at a time. ONE ONE ONE. ONE ONE ONE. ONE ONE ONE. The shot ends with a fade out on the brightly lit towers.

When I fixed the "completion date" for my experience with 111 as November 1, 2000 (11/01) and when I put up that opening page showing the "END 111" road sign, I thought about what that meant and what it would mean to others who had been following my 35 year journey. "the COMPLETED 111 experience of J'lahn: 1965-2000". END 111. Finished. Done. Yes, END 111. This meant that I began, at that instant in time, to make a conscious effort to see/feel my experience with 111 as "completed", as something that was useful for a time (nearly 3 dozen years), but as something that was now being discarded into the file folders of my past. I remember thinking, "wow, even my good old 1:11 Skyline from the early 80's (that ONE ONE ONE skyline) is NO MORE a symbol of 111." END 111. And now, to see that the "11" of that 1:11 skyline has simply been TAKEN AWAY, it makes me wonder why I had these thoughts. Why END 111? Why? Somehow, at the time, it just made sense. END 111.

And now to the date, 091101. Or 09112001. No matter how you slice it, the 111 JUMPS OUT like a demonic 111 pitchfork. Its presence is unmistakable. 9/11/01. 111 days left. END 111.

Best of Luck to all of us as we sort out our dark, prophetic visions. We're not to blame, but it certainly is unnerving to have "known" about this happening for so many years. Without a doubt, it's unnerving. END 111.


And here it is, nearing the middle of 2005, and I am having those feelings again. It's unnerving. All we can do is wait it out. And be there to help our fellow citizens when the shit hits the fan. We'll pull together just like we did three and a half years ago. But this time, the devastation will be SO massive, it will take days, if not weeks, just to even get to the wounded.

Peace to You & Yours During The Difficult Times Ahead,
I AM Jala*AN.
Lawrence, KS, USA

p.s. I --- Now that I've shared this, it's hard to know what I'll be writing about next here... I didn't mean to bum everyone out... just sharing my strong feelings about what's to come... and how it cannot be prevented...

p.s. II ---

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May. 6th, 2005 @ 01:11 pm Our "Alien" Ancestry...
Current Mood: Feeling Alien
Current Music: Led Zeppelin (HOUSES OF THE HOLY)
I'm actually taking a well-deserved day off from work today. It's been quite a while since I actually had a full day off. Took a wonderful walk through massive open space just after sunrise this morning. There's this 10 mile exercise trail that sits on the western edge of Lawrence - perfect for clearing the mind! Mowed the lawn. Watched some live testimony about the Patriot Act on C-SPAN. And now I'm penning my week-ending LJ Blog entry. I'm choosing to end this week with a bit of a reveal. It's me revealing something that I haven't really delved into in any of my previously released material. I’ve hinted at it. But nothing like I’m doing today. Here you go:

It is my belief that life on Earth was seeded and then manipulated by advanced scientists from another part of the Universe. Yes, Alien Scientists.

Now you're thinking, "OK, the 111 and 11:11 stuff was strange enough, but now THIS too?!" Well, I just said what had to be said. This IS a reveal. So, by its very nature, it may take some of you by surprise. Please remember my background: chemist, biologist, physicist, mathematician, and IT Professional. This isn't some kooky loser from off the street telling you this. It's ME. Admittedly, the concept is usually greeted with great suspicion. The Raelians are a prime example of a movement that has this at the core of its belief system - and look what's happened to them! Scoffed at. Written off. Buried even deeper into the realms of obscurity. So it is not without risk that I make the reveal. But it really is a central part of my belief system and one that I now feel called to share. I made the same decision about 111 and 11:11 many moons ago. Somehow, it was easier to start sharing THAT strange stuff than it is to begin sharing THIS strange stuff. But share I will.

Look, this stuff isn't something I just made up. It has its roots in a very ancient school of thought. That school of thought actually has a name. It's called PANSPERMIA. It was originally discussed in the 3rd century by one of the first Great Greek Philosophers, Anaxagora (there's that AN again!). In the 1800s, French chemist Louis Pasteur proposed that spontaneous generation of life could not have occurred on Earth. British physicist Lord Kelvin and others jumped on Pasteur's bandwagon and suggested that life might have come from space. It took on a more formal, modern-day presence through the work of Hermann von Helmholzt in 1879. Panspermia states that the seeds of life are prevalent throughout the Universe. It furthermore states that life on Earth began by such seeds landing on Earth and propagating. Now the big question is how they got here. Combine my strong belief the WE ARE NOT ALONE with the Panspermia notion and it's easy to see why I think the way I do. It’s why I recognize the Alien Progenitor concept.

So what do the Raelians believe and why don't I just adhere to their order? Good question. I am not necessarily in some kind of anti-Raelian camp, but they really do turn me off. Completely. All the way from their leader (failed race car driver Claude Vorilhon - aka "RAEL" ) to their recent claims about cloning a human being: these people are just not for me. It is my gut feeling that much of their movement will soon be discredited somehow. For example, the whole thing could collapse if "RAEL" confesses that he made it up out of thin air. Or if this becomes known through some kind of covert operation (read: a SPY inside their order). At any rate, on 12/13/1973, Vorilhon said he was walking in the Clermont-Ferrand volcanic mountain range in France (France?! Puh-lease!) when a UFO touched down. Humanoid creatures with pale greenish skin and almond-shaped eyes took him aboard, saying they wanted him to be their messenger to humankind. The aliens explained they cloned the first people 25,000 years ago. The little green people (BTW - the fact that they were "little" and "green" is pretty darn hilarious) said that Vorilhon was himself a clone and that they impregnated his mother in 1946 after the use of the first atomic bombs awakened them to mankind's advanced scientific knowledge. Vorilhon, who frequently dons flowing white garments, said his mission was to spread the word that there is no God, and that science and our alien forefathers would set people free -- physically and sexually -- and help them live forever. Two years after the aliens' first visit, they reappeared and took Vorilhon to another planet where he said he met Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha. All became immortal through cloning, he said. Ummmm… OK.

Listen, it's my opinion that this guy is off his rocker. If he had simply stated this as his own, very personal belief system, I would have had less trouble accepting it. Vorilhon just doesn't seem smart enough to me. He seems like some kind of lower-order charlatan. Selling snake oil. Kind of like how Joseph Smith dreamed up the Mormon faith and then sold it to millions of people. Only "RAEL" will never get as many followers. I will continue to track the RAELIANS and monitor their publications, but I would never sign up. For one thing, I'm too much of a GDI to ever jump on that kind of bandwagon. For another, I've heard that Vorilhon rarely bathes. EWWWWW! Disgusting! Ha! Just kidding, I made that last part up as a joke! Please, look into these folks if you feel called to do so. Don't let me stop you.

But getting back to PANSPERMIA…

Again, the theory is this: life on Earth originated when certain material (bacterial spores, perhaps) arrived here from space. It is my belief that this material was carried here by an Alien Progenitor race. There is a growing body of evidence that supports the first claim. There's very little direct evidence that an Alien Progenitor race was responsible. But that second part will appeal to a great many people - for it requires a leap of faith. Again, not too big of a leap for those of us who are convinced that WE ARE NOT ALONE. But the body of evidence supporting the first claim only continues to grow. Some recent events supporting this notion:

- 8/7/1996: NASA announced fossilized evidence of ancient life in meteorite ALH 84001 from Mars.
- 7/29/1997: a NASA scientist announced evidence of fossilized microscopic life forms in a meteorite not from any planet.
- 1/4/1999: NASA officially recognized the possibility that life on Earth comes from space.
- 4/26/2000: the team operating the mass spectrometer on NASA's Stardust mission announced the detection of very large organic molecules in space. Non-biological sources for organic molecules so large are not known.
- 6/23/2002: Geneticists reported evidence that the evolutionary step from chimps to humans was assisted by viruses.

It's that last one that gets me. And it strengthens my beliefs. I believe there was a moment where the beings that initially seeded life here intervened a second time. And helped to accelerate and control the "evolutionary steps" needed to bridge the gap between chimps and human beings. These notions can neither be proved nor disproved. But the current research strongly suggests that life on Earth has extraterrestrial origins. The leap to the Alien Progenitor concept is where my head goes next. This thinking comes very naturally to me.

Won't you join me in this way of thinking? Oh? You say you're already there? How wonderful!

Red/Orange Light On Grey

I AM Jala*AN
Lawrence, KS, USA

p.s. --- And whether you join me or not, please do have a great weekend!
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May. 5th, 2005 @ 11:11 pm Back from NIN_DEN, safe & sound…
Current Mood: relieved
Current Music: Kansas Public Radio (http://www.kpr.ku.edu/listennow.shtml)
First off, Happy 05-05-05! And now, my review:

There were more than a couple times on Tuesday and Wednesday night at the Fillmore in Denver that Nine Inch Nails propelled me back to 1994. Not that Trent's interested in becoming a "retro" act at such a relatively young age. But the point is that, after more than a half-decade of tangling with his demons, he has transmuted these dark emotions into a very powerful stage show and, hopefully, a potent new album (BTW - "With Teeth" should be arriving at my front door from the Amazon regional distribution center in Coffeyville, Kansas any minute now).

Trent really is like an unleashed animal up there. Screaming when it suits him. Slamming things. Snapping his head and posturing while the veins practically pop from his throat -- all the while inspiring and demanding the same from his band. At times, when it's more appropriate, all he has to do is stand alone playing mournful piano, taking the crowd with him emotionally.

He gave us his undivided attention both nights, heightened by just the right amount of dark purple or blue spotlights, with up-lighting from the stage front, giving the band a sci-fi horror-flick feel. Whether or not one subscribes to the legend of Trent as a dark musical genius, his focus still makes Nine Inch Nails something special live. While there was some sampling of new material, clearly the best moments for both the band and the crowd was with the older material.

Combined highlights from both nights:

For the rapid-fire "You Know What You Are?" the band was in its full, chugging industrial glory. The band is pretty darn seamless, both musically and on stage. Guitarist Aaron North and Marilyn Manson bassist Jeordie White (aka Twiggy Ramirez) are absolutely perfect - snarling, dyed-black stringy-haired sidemen for Trent. They can back off, allowing him some brief, sweet vocal lines on a song like "March of the Pigs," then come back beautifully to instigate very loud chaotic distortion.

NIN really is still one of the loudest bands on the planet, I think. And it's a fact that gets lost in Trent's ability to make everything sound as clear as it's supposed to on stage. Most bands trying for that much power would get lost in volume alone. Somehow, it's almost like the volume at a NIN show comes from the music itself. Most of the cops roaming the audience and the Fillmore staff (on both nights) had earplugs in!

This band is superbly technically advanced, but it delivers its music on such a primitive level. Trent can whisper to the crowd while leaning on the mic, then lead his band to high, nasty drama in mere seconds. While singing so softly on "Piggy," he glared at the crowd like a serial killer who was ready to claim his next victim. "Reptile" was completely frightening - its stubborn, mid-tempo chunk feels like a giant lizard stomping through a city, calmly and methodically crushing everything in sight.

There wasn't much chit-chat from Trent either night, though after a particular intense song ending that had him jerking around and slamming his mic to the ground, he returned to stage front, saying "Whoops. I forgot how much fun it is to break shit." He did thank "this city" (he never mentioned Denver) several times each night.

I balled my eyes out both nights during the gut-wrenching yet simply marvelous "Hurt" (a song that Trent has said is no longer his, thanks to the powerful cover from Johnny Cash). Both nights, Trent played a focused and powerful version mostly featuring just him standing behind a keyboard. When the band came back, it was like seeing a movie suddenly go 3-D.

Both nights, that heavy vibe set up the new single "The Hand That Feeds" which, while retaining some of the best qualities of typical NIN, also came off a bit more upbeat than one might imagine. On Tuesday, it led right into the rocking "Starfuckers Inc.," which then slowed down into a quiet version of Carly Simon's "You're So Vain," before coming back. Then for a closer, on both nights, they went back to 1989's debut record for the closest thing NIN has to an anthem: "Head Like a Hole" (and, BTW, the first NIN song most of us ever heard!).

The Fillmore: very quaint. Like a grand old music hall with chandeliers and lots of cool balconies. And guess what? It was smoke free! That was real treat!

The City of Denver: more homeless people than I've seen in years (yes, more than I remember seeing in New York City last Christmas time). Denver is a mess. When I lived in Boulder back in the late 80s, we never went to Denver. Ever. Actually, the only time we would go down there would be to shuttle people back and forth between Boulder and the old airport (which was called Stapleton).

The Denver International Airport: a wonderful place. A safe place. A Shiny Happy People city under a very large system of enormous tents. If I was homeless, I would live there. But actually, if you looked like you were homeless, they probably would very quickly usher you off the property. We have such BIG HEARTS here in this country, don't we?

And before I forget! The warm-up band: The Dresden Dolls. OMG. This is just TWO people - a man who was mostly on drums and woman who was mostly on keyboards and vocals. It was absolutely amazing. Riveting and completely unexpected! I ended up cutting my Boulder visit short on WED night because I actually did want to get back down to Denver and see them again (after catching them on TUE). Go here and explore for yourself: http://www.dresdendolls.com/ (a VERY cool site for a VERY cool band - you'll see what I mean).

So... I made it back in one piece. NOBODY KIDNAPPED ME. Or harmed me in any way, shape, or form. The whole wonderful little adventure seemed like it was about a week long. But it actually was only slightly under 48 hours from start to finish. And I actually worked both days! Ahhh, the joys of having a job that can be done from ANYWHERE (anywhere I can get connectivity, I should say). BTW - it's great that venues have stopped actually ripping your tickets in half upon entry. They just scan it, it verifies the bar code on the ticket, and then you are in. These tickets now go into my cherished and overflowing ticket stub collection. Actually, I guess you can't call them "stubs" anymore. Now that's progress!

Speaking of STUBS, here's one more thing: in my opinion, Stubhub.com is run by rip-off artists. Very over-priced. If you can't get tickets through Ticketmaster or you're dealing with sold out situation, the very LAST place you should go is Stubhub.com. They really do suck. Try eBay - the prices are usually much more reasonable. That's my advice if you're ever looking for tickets to a sold out show.

NIN_DEN 2005
Two Awesome Shows
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May. 3rd, 2005 @ 12:21 am My Upcoming NIN_DEN Adventure...
Current Mood: excited
Current Music: Nine Inch Nails (THE FRAGILE)
I'll never (ever) forget the very first time I heard Nine Inch Nails. I was in a white 4-wheel steering Honda Prelude convertible driving around downtown LA and the Valley. How I came to be there and whose car it was is a whole other story. But HEAD LIKE A HOLE was what I heard first. Followed by the rest of Pretty Hate Machine. And from that moment on, I was hooked on NIN.


I started seeing them on tour shortly thereafter. Early on, I found that I was generally one of the oldest people in the audience at these shows. But I knew they were a special band for special people and I knew I was most definitely one of those special, Chosen Few. So the age difference didn't really bother me. Plus, I look about 10 years younger than I actually am. As the years progressed, they started to achieve more "mainstream" success and I found that now other "old people" were finally catching on. Ha! Reconstructed from my ticket stubs, here is a complete list of the shows that I have seen over the past 15 years:

Neptune, NJ; Green Parrot; 7/12/1990
Trenton, NJ; City Gardens; 7/13/1990
NYC; The Ritz; 8/9/1990
NYC; The Academy; 1/25/1991
Stanhope, NJ; Lollapalooza I; 8/11/1991 and 8/14/1991
NYC; Webster Hall; 5/13/1994
NYC; Roseland; 5/14/1994
NYC; Madison Square Garden; 12/8/1994 and 12/9/1994 (w/Manson!)
East Rutherford, NJ; Meadowlands; 9/27/1995 and 9/28/1995
Kansas City, MO; The Kemper Arena; 5/28/2000
Omaha, NE; Omaha Civic Arena; 5/30/2000

And for shows 15 and 16 ----

15 and 16
Denver; The Fillmore; 5/3/2005 and 5/4/2005


It's a funny little whirlwind of an itinerary:

* Flying out of Kansas City on TUE; arriving in DEN at 6:55 P.M.
* Cab to Hotel; Check In.
* Go to concert (5 block walk from hotel).
* WED - all day Webcast/conference call for work (being taken from my hotel room)
* WED - post work/pre-concert - Dinner in Boulder at Juanita's (Mexican)
* After dinner, drive back to DEN for concert (I can take or leave the opening act!).
* THU A.M. - check out; Cab to airport; Part II of conference call for work (taken at Airport)
* Fly home THU after conference call.


With Teeth
Trent's WITH TEETH look

This will really be a hoot! First NIN show for me in almost FIVE years! I will give you a complete report on Friday! Until then! Have a great rest of the week!

I AM Jala*AN.
Lawrence, KS, USA

p.s. I --- WITH TEETH is available starting today, 5/3, at Amazon and elsewhere:

p.s. II --- BTW, see that 1115101227 in there??? You guessed it. EPOCH TIME, baby! Plug it into your handy dandy Epoch Time converter (see last post) and see what you get!
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May. 2nd, 2005 @ 06:42 am The 1110000000 to 1119999999 Window...
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Somehow, when I made the V53.14 update to "the 111 experience" (click above to go there), it turned out to be a very significant date. I thought that maybe it being the date Belushi died way back when was why it was significant, but it turns out that it was significant for another reason: it was 1110000000 in Epoch Time! Epoch Time (or UNIX Epoch Time) is the number of seconds that have passed since 1-1-1970. So we're in that block right now. You may see Epoch Time embedded in transactions on the web. Next time you buy something from Amazon, for example, take a look inside that big long URL string when you're nearing checkout. You will see some Epoch Time in there. In fact, that was how I noticed it. A big old 111 always popping up. Then I was somewhere else where I actually had the opportunity to say "hey, why do all my transactions lately being with 111?" And the answer was simple: right now, we are in the 1.11 billion seconds region of Epoch Time.

1110000000 was March 5, 2005 at 5:20:00
1111111111 was March 18, 2005 at 1:58:31
1119999999 will be on June 28th at 23:06:39 (and then one second later it will be 1120000000)

So we're in some kind window right now with very strong ties to 111. Sure, it's somewhat arbitrary, but it's also completely woven into the fabric of reality around us. Epoch Time timestamps are in your face every time you buy something online or interact with a transaction-based site that makes use of them. If you buy anything online, they are unavoidable!

Here's a nifty Epoch Time converter: http://www.forestasia.com/tools/epoch.asp


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Apr. 29th, 2005 @ 04:42 am 42, 101010, & 111: "Life, the Universe, and Everything"
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Listen, here's the deal:

If you don't see a big old ONE ONE ONE representation in the logo for THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY movie (which opens today), you need glasses (or LASIK eye surgery).


And if you don't see the connection between 101010 and 111, you need to humble yourself and say, without hesitation, "YES JIM, I DON'T REALLY WANT TO ADMIT IT, BUT YOU'RE RIGHT - 101010 & 111 ARE AMAZINGLY SIMILAR!" There, now was that so bad? Don't you feel better? I knew you would.

And if you don't think that there was a real good reason why 42 was chosen and if you don't think it has something to do with the fact that 42 in decimal is 101010 in binary and if you don't recognize how this mind-boggling 42/101010/111 "coincidence" ties into my completely astounding life-long experience with 111, I cannot help you. You're in denial. And you may need to go into therapy to help you see more clearly WHAT IS SO.


Boy, you know, that really felt good.

Oh, and BTW, have a great weekend!

"Now?" inquired Deep Thought.

"Yes! Now..."

"Alright," said the computer and settled into silence again. The two men fidgeted. The tension was unbearable.

"You're really not going to like it," observed Deep Thought.

"Tell us!"

"Alright," said Deep Thought. "The Answer to the Great Question..."


"Of Life, the Universe and Everything..." said Deep Thought.


"Is." said Deep Thought, and paused.




"Forty-two," said Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm.

It was a long time before anyone spoke. Out of the corner of his eye Phouchg could see the sea of tense expectant faces down in the square outside.

"We're going to get lynched aren't we?" he whispered.

"It was a tough assignment," said Deep Thought mildly.

"Forty-two!" yelled Loonquawl. "Is that all you've got to show for seven and a half million years' work?"

"I checked it very thoroughly," said the computer, "and that quite definitely is the answer. I think the problem, to be quite honest with you, is that you've never actually known what the question is."

"But it was the Great Question! The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything!" howled Loonquawl.

"Yes," said Deep Thought with the air of one, who suffers fools gladly, "but what actually is it?"

A slow stupefied silence crept over the men as they stared at the computer and then at each other.

"Well, you know, it's just Everything ... Everything..." offered Phouchg weakly.

"Exactly!" said Deep Thought. "So once you do know what the question actually is, you'll know what the answer means."


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