Jan. 26th, 2005 @ 05:37 pm And Now, a Quick Break...
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Folks ---

All caught up. Taking a break for a few days. Effective 2/1/2005, LiveJournal will become my exclusive method for communicating with all you wonderful people out there in the World of Cyberspace. No more Usenet, no more Yahoo Groups. No more Private Message Boards (unless it's part of a class I'm taking!). This is the place, baby. The one and only place. And you know what's SO refreshing about this place? COMMENTS ARE OFF. Oh yes. Comments are off. Ha! It's a breath of fresh air. Uninterrupted and unchecked FRESH AIR. No backtalk!

It's got me all tingly! I can't wait!


I AM Jala*AN.
Lawrence, Kansas, USA

p.s. --- If I know you (and I don't hate you) or if you're family or a life-long friend (you know who you are), of course e-mail will always work too. Heck, you can even call me on the VoIP line. You know, THE VOIP LINE. See you on 2/1!

Jim - J'lahn - JAHLON - Jala*AN
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Jan. 26th, 2005 @ 05:33 pm BTC, Part II_III_II of II_III_II: "The Kittatinny Tongue - After The Great Flood"
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After The Flood I.

Close-Up on The New Coastal Ridge Community
(red push-pin shows approximate location of J. Ward-Nichols' childhood home)

The Kittatinny Tongue
Copyright Jim Ward-Nichols 1996 (updated January 1, 2005)
All Rights Reserved

It is written:

"The Kittatinny Tongue will remain standing long after The Great Flood comes to pass. The land here is very old. It will remain standing.

The people of this region are typically simple country folk - not suburbanites. It is also known as once having been a part of the 'Last Frontier' of Northwest New Jersey. These simple country folk will continue on with their small-town lives After The Flood.

Since this peninsula contains at least a dozen lakes, approximately 30 miles of the Appalachian Trail, as well as other protected farmland and lush woodlands, the Tongue People will most likely be the envy of the the region.

At the southern tip of The Tongue is Water Gap Island. This is home to another chunk of the Appalachian Trail as well as numerous water-based resorts.

After The Flood II.

Access to The Tongue and The Island are limited to original residents (natives), relatives of original residents, and other authorized individuals (resort guests)."

After The Flood III.

The New Princeton Coastline and the surrounding towns and cities.
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Jan. 25th, 2005 @ 07:55 am Beyond The Chronology, Part 6 of 7: "CipherClues - The True Meaning of 11:11"
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Originally added on November 3, 2004:

eleven eleven

Version 7.0
Copyright Jim Ward-Nichols 2004
All Rights Reserved

1) 11:11=> 2:2 => 22. Nifty! And it makes so much sense.
And why is 22 so important? Look it up! 'Nuff said.

2) 11:11 => 15.
Simple. 1111 (in binary or BASE 2) equals 15 (in decimal or BASE 10). Done.

3) 11:11=> 1111 (BASE 2) => Hex F.
Hexadecimal --- BASE 16. Most of you are familiar with BASE 10, or decimal. You know, 10 fingers and 10 toes? Counting them? Picture 8 fingers on each hand. Or 8 toes on each foot. Count them. Start with ZERO. But when you get to 9 (which should be the second finger or toe on your second eight-fingered hand or your second eight-toed foot!), switch to letters (starting with A). By your 16th finger or your 16th toe, you will reach F. HEX F. Remember all those numbers and letters you saw when you got a Blue Screen of Death back in the Old (pre-XP) Days? That was HEX, baby!

4) 11:11 => 15 => TheHornedOne.
Get out your Tarot Deck. 'Nuff said.

5) 11:11 => HEXF => OMEGA
Others may currently paraphrase the following relationship but make no mistake about it: I said this first. Many moons ago. And they will readily admit that when pressed. Here goes: "1111 is the binary equivalent of F in Hexadecimal and HEX F is the 'last' or 'final' character in the Hexadecimal Character Set. Once you get to F, you open up a new column. Just like once you get to 9, you open the TENS column (with the number 1-0). So clearly there is an 1111/HEXF/OMEGA (Final, Last) relationship."

6) 11:11 => 1.
For over 20 years, I've tended to see 11:11 as not only a time but as a RATIO. An "11 to 11" ratio. The ":" also means DIVIDED BY. So 11:11 is the same thing as saying "an 11 to 11 ratio" OR "11 divided by 11" OR "one". Or 1.

7) "11:11=22=HEXF=15=TheHornedOne=OMEGA=1." Get it? Got it? GOOD!
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Jan. 24th, 2005 @ 09:33 am Beyond The Chronology, Part 5 of 7: "the 11:11 Cipher of Patient ZERO"
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Last Updated on November 3, 2004:

the 11:11 Cipher of Patient ZERO
Version 5.0
Copyright Jim Ward-Nichols 2004
All Rights Reserved

Main Entry: ci·pher; Pronunciation: 'sI-f&r; Function: noun; Usage: often attributive; Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French cifre, from Medieval, Latin cifra, from Arabic sifr empty, cipher, zero; 1a: ZERO; 1b: one that has no weight, worth, or influence – NONENTITY; 2a: a method of transforming a text in order to conceal its meaning -- compare CODE; 2b: a message in code; 3: ARABIC NUMERAL; 4: a combination of symbolic letters; especially: the interwoven initials of a name

My Two Eyes Look Deep Into Your Two Eyes (II--->II).
We See The Living Language of Light (All 22).
We See The Holy Dove and ALL THAT IS GOOD.
We See The HEX (and The Horned One).
We See The Serpent.
We See The End Times.
We See The Dove and Serpent: TWO-GETHER.
And Finally,
Deep Into Our OMEGA,
We See The Two Become The ONE.
The Journey Completes.
The NU is upon us. (BTW --- NU "!=" NEW)

And this ---

:: Key I (b) ::
Hyponitrite Reductase

> Ahhhhhhhhhhh... I see... oneness!

Well, 11:11 really is "an 11 to 11 ratio" which really is 11/11 (11 divided by 11) which really *is* 1. But (seems to me) it's a whole bunch of other things in the middle. And right now, at best, we're still in (or near) the NU. And remember, NU "!=" NEW.

And the rest (from a Shared Sacred Vision) ---

The NU is actually THE NEXT STEP (just prior to The NEW, actually). The NU is what it's always been - a vast, primordial, and very stagnant ocean (yes, think "PEEEE-UUUUU"). Out of The NU rises the Primeval Hill. That's where the TEMPLE is. The TEMPLE is, in fact, the Temple of The NEW. Arriving at The NEW, all previous limitations of The Stagnant and The Stinky NU (and "the old") cease to be. The journey, THE FINAL LEG, has ended. The transfer activates, completing the alignment of all 1111 Sacred Pyramids into The ONE. The calcified parameters of duality (of the old *and* of The NU) have dissolved forevermore. It marks, with much less fanfare than you might imagine, the CREMATION of The Dove and The Serpent. It heralds The New Beginning. This extends, transforms and erases the outer parameters of our probable realities. We now discover ourselves to be aligned with a totally NEW scorecard. In fact, at this point, why even call it a scorecard? The NEW cannot be found within the narrow limitations of the Scorecard of Duality. We had to travel off the map of the known onto an entirely NEW map. And on the map of the Unknown NEW, nothing will be found within its old positioning. But as you merge into The NEW, the Invisible is made Visible ("the blind can see") and the CHARTING can begin. Here you stand, reborn ANEW, deep inside the Temple of The NEW. And if there was music playing in the air, it would be U2's BEAUTIFUL DAY.

What you don't have, you don't need it now
What you don't know, you can feel it somehow
What you don't have, you don't need it now
Don't need it now
It *is* a beautiful day

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Jan. 23rd, 2005 @ 12:12 pm Beyond The Chronology, Part 4 of 7: "||||_|||_|||| - ALL_ELEVEN & Other Recent Visions"
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Added on August 1, 2004:

ALL_ELEVEN & Other Recent Visions

Copyright Jim Ward-Nichols 2004
All Rights Reserved

From: Jim Ward-Nichols
Subject: "Time is three eyes and eight elbows." - Dogen Zenji

When I first saw this quote I thought, "sure, OF COURSE, it *is* 11 Things!" What else could it be? I mean, the latest stuff from The Big Brains out there says that there are, in fact, ELEVEN DIMENSIONS. So, on a very personal level, I've started to view the abstract concept of ALL_SEVEN (||_|||_||) as potentially incomplete. Missing a few lines. Around 4 of them.

So I'm now looking into something that looks like this:


It's, you guessed it, ALL_ELEVEN. The three EYES in the middle and
the eight ELBOWS on either side. Seeing how I feel about it. Soaking
it in. There's a "4-4" in there. Plain as day. Some say that "44" =
BLOOD (family). And not just from its linkages through the Gematria
but as in, I'm thinking (potentially), the ONE 44. The 144K, that is.
I will keep you posted on what becomes of this analysis and GENERAL

From: Jim Ward-Nichols
Subject: "Crawl Text" Visions & Stealth/Concert Disaster...


I know we've not always seen eye/eye to eye/eye, but I wanted to let
you know that for the past two weeks I have been having dreams where
I am watching Headline News or CNN or Fox News and the "crawl" at
the bottom of the screen is showing me seemingly random words and
phrases. Of course, I know I'm dreaming and when I say, in the
dream, "maybe the crawl text will start communicating an important
message" the text gets REALLY wild. This crawl-text visions
stuff is definitely a new addition to my already very lucid dream

Also --- lucid dream 2 nights ago of Stealth-like bomber flying over
an outdoor concert... starts to loop around... and kind of fly
backwards and sideways back toward the concert... everyone is
screaming... crashes before it gets back to the site... cell service
out... I'm now thinking about getting back to my car, planning an
evacuation route, and getting home to Lisa and Mika (because I know
they will be worried)... I start to hear reports of the disaster
playing on radios and loudspeakers as I make my way through the
frenzied crowd back to my car... maps in hand...

Let me know if any of this resonates with you. Or not.

Jim Ward-Nichols
Lawrence, KS, USA

And then follow-up Q&A with the recipient:

Q: Yes, this is new to me too. Can you read the text after it gets
A: Yes, I can.

Q: I remember usually getting the information in the dream
but it's often not conscious after awakening. And you?
A: Same deal for me. But (from last night) a word something like
HEMOCAH seemed to stick... nothing in Google or elsewhere... Google
asks: "Did you mean: CHEMICAL?"

Q: Do you have any sense of where you were in that dream?
A: Colorado.

Q: City/state?
A: Near Golden. But it wasn't Red Rocks.

Q: Which direction you'd need to go to get out?
A: Heading NORTH seemed, to me at the time, to be the only option.
But news was breaking all around me so I knew I might have to
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Jan. 22nd, 2005 @ 01:22 pm Squeezing in a Quick PSA...
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Just so you know, I'm still in the process of catching LJ up to the present. There are 4 more days of that. Once that has happened, you will begin to see NEW STUFF.

Just making sure you didn't misunderstand these initial entries into my journal. They will form the foundation for everything else that I will share through this place. And they are essential background for anyone who's going to try and follow along. If you don't "get" what's in the foundation, you'll be lost going forward.

K? K.

Jim Ward-Nichols
Lawrence, KS, USA
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Jan. 22nd, 2005 @ 01:11 pm Beyond The Chronology, Part 3 of 7: "Beyond the II_III_II SHADOW PUPPETS - V1.08"
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Chaco Canyon

This was originally published on July 11, 2004. But had been in development since late 2001.


Version 1.08
Copyright Jim Ward-Nichols 2004
All Rights Reserved

> > > > >
> > > > > ALL_SEVEN = II_III_II
> > > > >
> > > >
> > > > a total of 9 if you count the underscores
> > > >
> > >
> > > Ummmmmmmmmmm... what??? "Count"???!!! Count the
> > > underscores? WHAT???!!!
> >
> >

OK. The reason why I said "count???!!!" was because ALL_SEVEN is not
something that you count. It used to be something you could simply
"count" (way back when this particular Vision was received) but it's
certainly not that now. My post-11/01/00 work (you know, after "the
111 experience" concluded) has moved way beyond the simple
basement-level activity of simply "counting" these Seven Objects.

Talking about simply counting the Objects that make up the ALL_SEVEN
is like talking about counting the pillars and rocks in Stonehenge.
You don't stand there and count the pillars and rocks in Stonehenge
(who knows, maybe YOU do, but I didn't). You look at it as a
collection of Objects that are united, somehow, into a broader

The underscores simply UNDERSCORE the fact that the Two
Objects on either side of the Three Objects in the middle are
separate and distinct YET WHOLLY CONNECTED to the broader Vision
that the ALL_SEVEN has come to represent. The Two Sets of Two (11:11)
on either side, by the nature of the position they hold, are more
connected to each other than to The Three (111) in the middle. But the Two
Sets of Two TAKEN TOGETHER are fully and completely united with The
Three to form this near-perfect representation that IS ALL_SEVEN. And if
you look at The One raised higher in the middle, it's easy to see how the
Sacred "Three opposite Three and The One is the rule deciding between them..."
Deal from Sefer Yetzirah comes bleeding through. Which is kinda cool.

But aside from that...

If you're seeing the ALL_SEVEN in 2 dimensions (which you
probably are since you're reading mostly FLAT characters off of the
screen right now) you're missing a key aspect of The Vision. The
Vision is 3-D and has a 4-D aspect as well (its position varies with
respect to time). It has a higher dimensional quality too (5-D and
beyond) that relates to the fact that the ALL_SEVEN, even in its 4-D
mode, is merely a lower dimensional SHADOW PUPPET of a higher
dimensional Object or set of Objects.

Furthermore, if you think that each object in the ALL_SEVEN
representation is the same size, I'm here to tell you that they are
not. They are of varying sizes and the 2-D ALL_SEVEN is only what you
might (keyword = MIGHT) see if you looked at the ALL_SEVEN from a
particular set of spatial coordinates around the structure. Not only
does their size vary, their composition does as well. Heck, they
even have very distinct tastes. I can tell you that the Object in
the middle, raised higher than the others, tastes like strawberry.
And to top it off, these characteristics vary as you map The
Representation into the higher order dimensions!

I know that was a lot to swallow in just one session, but I felt it
was time to give you a little bit more than just the SHADOW PUPPETS
you've gotten so used to. Hopefully, this has been helpful!
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Jan. 21st, 2005 @ 11:11 am Beyond The Chronology, Part 2 of 7: "the Three Keys of Jala*AN - Part ONE"
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This evolved over the course of 3 years, from late 2000 until 11/11/2003 when I published V15.3 -

::: the Three Keys of Jala*AN - Part ONE :::

Version 15.3
Copyright Jim Ward-Nichols 2003
All Rights Reserved

:: Key I (a) ::
Aldehyde Reductase

:: Key I (b) ::
Hyponitrite Reductase
11:11 = 22=HEXF=15=TheHornedOne=OMEGA=1

:: Key I (c) ::
DNA-Directed DNA Polymerase
11_111_11=II_III_II= ALL_SEVEN


Note added today, 1/21/2005: Once the BEYOND THE CHRONOLOGY recap is completed in another 5 days, I will discuss the evolution of The Three Keys at length, what they mean to me now, and what they will eventually become. Stay tuned...
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Jan. 20th, 2005 @ 09:34 am Beyond The Chronology, Part 1 of 7: "The 911 Tragedy: My 1:11 NYC Skyline Is Gone [END 111]"
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Doomsday, 1982


To those of us who "knew" (in our mind's eye) that something like this was going to happen:

I trust that you are still safe and that you are still sorting out your prophetic visions of the disaster. I too, for nearly 20 years, have had visions, thoughts, premonitions, whatever you want to call them, about something (like a plane) crashing into The Towers (or the Empire State Building). I went to college in Hoboken, NJ in the early 80's and the view of what my friends at the time called "the biggest 1:11 on the face of the planet" stared us in the face each and every day as we made our way around the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology. I used to look out my dorm room window (which was right along the Hudson and faced out toward NYC) thinking, wow THIS "is" ONE ONE ONE (the Empire State Building and the Two Towers). I also remember thinking what would happen if a plane or some other form of aircraft slammed into any of the three components of that 1:11 Skyline. Disaster. Chaos. I could actually see it happening. Once I had the vision the first time, it was hard to shake it (meaning, I would see it every time I looked at the skyline). My visions were so pronounced to me at the time, that I "drew" these visions into the cover of a humor magazine (DUCKLIPS) that I helped found with several colleagues at the Institute. I used our campus' student center building, which sits right along the Hudson, as the target for the "incoming". The act of drawing this out, at the time, was very helpful to me. I had transformed the nightmarish visions of something crashing into the 1:11 Skyline into some kind of exaggerated, humorous image (the magazine itself, called Ducklips, is seen crashing into the tower on campus). We used it in the Fall of 1982 for the cover on a "best of" compilation. The quote under the DUCKLIPS logo says "So just what *is* a ZERO HOUR, anyway?" (a reference to the fact that during freshman year, all our tests were taken prior to the 1st scheduled class of the day --- in the ZERO HOUR ['round 7AM or so as I recall]). At any rate, that cover is seen above.

I felt a special connection to The Towers not only because they were in my face all the time for all those years but because they were entirely symbolic to me, at the time, of ONE ONE ONE. Not just 111, but 1:11 (with the ":" separating the Empire State Building from the Two Towers). In 1983, I remember taking a series of photos over the course of two days which showed the view of the Towers from the roof of my building on campus and then the very next day we went to the observation deck and took shots looking back at the campus in Hoboken. Here are two photos from that sequence:


As I took a shot looking directly up the side of the building, I "saw" the cover I had drawn in my mind's eye and the suppressed nightmarish visions came back and I thought about how quickly I would need to run if "something" slammed into the side of the building I had fixed my cheap little Polaroid lens on. Here is that shot:

Looking UP

In late 1988, I was in NYC driving around with Colorado plates on my car having just returned from a year away from the east coast. "The classic tourist", people must have thought, as I periodically jumped out of my car (at stop lights even) and took video. Down near NYU, I had parked the car and was filming all kinds of different shots of the WTC. The Goodyear blimp was flying overhead. I filmed it as it crossed the sky and as it appeared to fly directly into the side of a building that was near where I was filming. I remembered my early 80's visions of something crashing into my 1:11 Skyline. Since I could see how this looked through the viewfinder, I said "BOOM!" on the tape just as the blimp flew "into" the side of the building. It was bright daylight for that shot. Right after the "BOOM!", the scene abruptly switches to a crisp night shot of the Twin Towers all lit up. I then played with a shard of light in the frame, making it splash straight across the shot three flashes at a time. ONE ONE ONE. ONE ONE ONE. ONE ONE ONE. The shot ends with a fade out on the brightly lit towers.

When I fixed the "completion date" for my experience with 111 as November 1, 2000 (11/01) and when I put up that opening page showing the "END 111" road sign, I thought about what that meant and what it would mean to others who had been following my 35 year journey. "the COMPLETED 111 experience of J'lahn: 1965-2000". END 111. Finished. Done. Yes, END 111. This meant that I began, at that instant in time, to make a conscious effort to see/feel my experience with 111 as "completed", as something that was useful for a time (nearly 3 dozen years), but as something that was now being discarded into the file folders of my past. I remember thinking, "wow, even my good old 1:11 Skyline from the early 80's (that ONE ONE ONE skyline) is NO MORE a symbol of 111." END 111. And now, to see that the "11" of that 1:11 skyline has simply been TAKEN AWAY, it makes me wonder why I had these thoughts. Why END 111? Why? Somehow, at the time, it just made sense. END 111.

END 111

And now to the date, 091101. Or 09112001. No matter how you slice it, the 111 JUMPS OUT like a demonic 111 pitchfork. Its presence is unmistakable. 9/11/01. 111 days left. END 111.

Best of Luck to all of us as we sort out our dark, prophetic visions. We're not to blame, but it certainly is unnerving to have "known" about this happening for so many years. Without a doubt, it's unnerving. END 111.

Peace to You & Yours During These Difficult Times Ahead,
I AM J'lahn.

p.s. - here's a shot of the WTC I took during a class trip in 1971.

Unfinished, 1971
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Jan. 19th, 2005 @ 01:11 pm Part II_III_II [you know, Part VII?] ---> 11/1/00: Finishing Up "The Chronology"
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November 1, 2000 - The Final Update
I got an e-mail from someone the other day talking about "the 555". What we are being told is that many folks ("Lightworker" type folks) around the globe are now connecting with this "new" Number Pattern - 555. It's coming up in all the usual places (odometers, prices, clocks, "randomly generated" ID numbers, etc.). And yes, it's already one of the numbers you'll find in my well documented Number Pattern list:

11/111/x11/1111, 112, 22/222, 3/33/333, 316, 37, 44/44x/444, 47/x47, 53, 55/555, 666, 69, 7/77/777, 13/42, 23/32, 88/888, 1234, and 1212.

It's great that these folks are now getting all jazzed over 555. It really is. I wish them All The Best as they begin their search to ascribe meaning to this "new" Pattern. I met someone over 10 years ago who was jazzed by 555. That's how it ended up on my list. Personally, I have a more clinical approach to "the 555". I guess I just see it as another Case in my very large Case File. I think that maybe since I have been doing this number pattern business longer than nearly anyone else on Earth, I find myself less and less moved by the phenomenon itself. To me, the business of "connecting" with Special Number Patterns seems OLD, OUTDATED, and in need of some kind of NEW SPARK. It's not that my experience with 111 didn't connect me with tens of thousands of interesting people and hundreds (perhaps thousands) of interesting topics and movements. On the contrary, my experience with 111 really became a permanent, defining characteristic of my Self, my essence. I'm actually very grateful for the role that was dumped in my lap some three decades ago.

Since the following quote is buried on one of the above links (November '99), I'll repeat it again right here since it seems appropriate at this time:

It has been a REALLY long time since the act of simply seeing the number "111" really meant anything to me (at all).

Don't get me wrong - I still think 111 is cool. WAY COOL. The fact that it's the binary representation of SEVEN is VERY COOL. The fact that it uniquely symbolizes All Trinities in a way that dazzles us with its simplicity is EVEN COOLER. It's not just Unity; it's Tri-unity - an encoded symbol for nearly ANY Trinity. I recognize the fact that the 1 means "ON" in the binary language of computers. So I see how 111 is very similar to ON-ON-ON (One-One-One? Get it?). The fact that we see Trinities and SEVEN cropping up across the Qabala , Eastern and Western Mystical Traditions, and the mainline Religious persuasions all across the globe is undeniable. And I still think all that stuff is rather interesting. But what does it all really mean? That's the REAL question and that's what folks have been trying to get me to comment on and commit to since the Fall of 1980. That's over 20 years. That's quite a long time.

If you connect to a particular number pattern (and it's probably one of the ones listed above) I want you to stop and think about it for a minute. Where did it come from? Who mentioned it to you first? Did you simply start noticing it without anyone prompting you? For the vast majority of folks connecting to a pattern, they were told about the pattern or they read something about it first BEFORE they started "connecting". That realization should hold some kind of a key for you. Give it some thought.

When I first started seeing 111 all over the place in 1980, not a soul had told me about it. That fall (Fall, 1980), I told hundreds of people about 111 and then they started seeing not just 111 but 11:11 as well. Does that mean I might have started a bunch of people seeing 11:11? Let's think about that. This occurred in the densely populated region of NJ right across the Hudson from New York City. Some of the earliest reported 11:11 sightings I have come across are from Long Island, NY. I went to school with several people from Long Island. Is it possible that I actually launched this phenomenon in 1980 from the densely populated NYC metropolitan area? Is it possible that it then spread like Wild Fire from that very location (and SO ON and SO ON and SO ON)? It's absolutely possible! "11:11 - Make a Wish" --- ever heard of that? If you have, do you know anyone that was saying this prior to the early 80's? I believe this phrase originated on Long Island somewhere between 1980 and 1985. So what's the point? By this time, if you have any doubts at all that my experience with 111 and 11:11 predates nearly everyone else's on Earth (yes, the entire planet), you either haven't been paying attention or you're in some strange form of denial. It's not like I'm bragging. I'm simply stating fact.

So, after "connecting" with 111 for so many years and covering it from so many different angles, I believe I am moving on. I have reached a conclusion:

I believe that "Connecting with a Special Number Pattern" has a definite, pre-determined life cycle. I'm going to put it at anywhere from 10-35 years. After that life cycle has concluded, the special pattern has outlived its usefulness and is either discarded or it is changed into something else. It's as simple as that.

With 20 years of active sightings and a 35 year connection to 111 and 11:11, I've absolutely reached that point. The life cycle, for me, of 111 (and 11:11 in its present form) has concluded. Does that mean I'll now look back on this experience and say "Oh My God, what a colossal waste of time!" ??? No, it doesn't mean that at all. It means that it is time to move on into a New Role and a New Way of looking at my particular good ol' pattern. I think this is a point that each of you will reach with your pattern. It's just that you haven't gotten there yet. But you'll know it when you do. When it happens, don't be embarrassed, just let it go. If you know someone who "connects" and they have been telling you about their special pattern for years now and you have been saying "well, gee, that's nice" but have been mostly scratching your head over the whole thing, give them time. It will expire. I don't usually quote much from anyone else in this web site, but even our friend Solara knows that eventually "the 11:11" will "transfer" and "transform" into something else.

So, where does that leave this website? Well, I'll still be indexed and linked for number patterns and 111 and 11:11 so I will still get folks e-mailing me wanting answers and/or just wanting to share their experience. I'll continue to reply to as many of those e-mails as possible. But the website will change to include more of an overview of ALL the patterns and it will also include my commentary on the groups or individuals who "claim" the pattern. This site will become more of what I had always said it would be in the first place - a clearing house for this type of information. I'll also be expanding the site to include a section on non-number-pattern related mysticism.

In closing, please remember what happens in January. I'll just cut and paste my quote from above -

"I asked my closest friends to tell me if it's what we call a 'stretcher' for me to see anything interesting or special about the date the REAL New Millennium begins (the 'Third' Millennium). Let's see... what's that date again? Oh yes, it's


Yes, that's it. 01-01-01. Yup. The Third Millennium begins on January 1, 2001 ."

'Nuff said.

My REAL journey with the 111 experience, while it will always remain near and dear to my heart, has concluded. The write-up is now considered "archived in place". There will be no further updates.

J. W-N , Lawrence, KS, 11-1-2000
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Jan. 18th, 2005 @ 11:44 pm 4/20/00 - "Yes, as a matter of fact, you DO have to read the PDFs."
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April 20, 2000
Since this is a leap year, the 111th day of the year falls on 4/20. And, unfortunately, it is another facet of "the 111 experience" that ties into something, well, not so cool. Something evil, actually. Today, the 111th day of the year 2000, is the 1st anniversary of the Columbine Massacre. Those shots that rang out at 11:19 on that fateful day last year changed so many lives - forever. The Demons (judgment call on my part) that made this happen chose 4/20 for a very specific reason (or at least that is one of the theories). You see, 4/20 is Adolph Hitler's birthday. And the really unusual fact about this, the day of the 1st anniversary of the Columbine Massacre, is that it would have been Adolph Hitler's 111th birthday. That is obscure, but true. As with any dark correspondence to 111 (Crowley, Flight 111), I wish these things were not true. But they are. Like I have said in previous versions of the write-up, I do not have control over what gets linked into 111. So sometimes I have to just roll with the punches, acknowledge the unsavory events, and move on. That's what I'll be doing with this year's rather negative 4/20 correspondences.

Over the past few months I have had some particularly disturbing e-mail and message-board replies from people telling me that my association with 111 is absolutely, positively, demonic. These folks believe that I am somehow, under the influences of EVIL DEMONS, possessed by 111 . They see 111 as just a bit too close to '666'. They see 111 as something that distracts me and takes me away from a (Christian) life with God. It is true that I am not a Christian. But I would beg to differ with anyone who thinks that it is because of 111 .

I am a Searcher and a Scientist. I am one who is in the process of discovering Truth. I always will be. I accept the mysteries that surround me and try to remain balanced as to the "meaning of it all". I remind people who ascribe 111 to evil that the binary number 111 is equivalent to the number 7 in decimal. One of the "Most Holy" numbers on the planet is directly linked into 111. I also remind them that 111 seems to me to be a numeric code for some sort of Trinity - why not call it a miraculous sign of the Christian "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost"? Why not? I guess all I try to say to these folks is this - read the WHOLE write-up, examine my experience, and draw your own conclusions. I've already stopped responding to a few folks who accuse me of having some kind of Satanic connection. It just simply is not true. When it comes to these matters, I am to be seen as a Free Agent, an Anomaly that defies Good/Evil categorization. That is my role. And that is the role I will continue to operate in.

This is also the update where I promised to present some ancient versions of "the 111 experience" for your viewing pleasure. You'll need an Adobe Acrobat reader to view them. When you look at them, you'll see that certain areas are "blacked out" with magic marker. This is because I used a person's name, address, my company's name, or some other facet of the tale that, at this point, needs to remain unknown. Rest assured, this is just to protect me legally. Anyway, I have included the following:

The very first typed version of "the 111 experience" complete with hand-written corrections. This was typed on a Cannon Typestar 5 portable typewriter in the late 80's. Go here now: http://www.the111experience.org/111pdf_1.pdf .

The very first version of the write-up written on a computer running on Windows. My laptop was running Windows 3.1 when this was created (early 90's). Go here now: http://www.the111experience.org/111pdf_2.pdf .

Miscellaneous update details since 1992 that have now been eliminated from the present-day version of the write-up. Go here now:


I split it up into three parts to make the download into your Acrobat Reader quicker.

Some may wonder why I am doing this. If these are really old, discarded versions, why not leave them in the past where they belong? Well, for one thing, it is to add an additional layer of historic detail to show folks how the experience has progressed over the years. You will see that I, too, was fascinated by every single little occurrence of 111 that popped up into my face. I really understand why, for some of you who are just beginning this experience, every occurrence of your special number pattern is something that BLOWS YOU AWAY. I remember what that was like, I really do. But at this point, as you have seen in previous updates, it really takes a HUGE, completely OBSCURE event to catch my interest. It's not that strange things relating to number patterns don't happen, it's just that they happen all the time. They happen with such regularity that they no longer influence me the way they used to.

Synchronistic events abound. They all have messages attached. At this point, I filter out quite a bit - things that normal people interested inn the paranormal (is that an oxy-moron?) would be BLOWN AWAY by. It comes with the territory. This number pattern business has been happening to me for SO LONG at this point. As I also suggested in previous updates, my experience with 111 is changing. It is quite possibly something that I will simply let go of - SOON.

It doesn't mean that I won't look back fondly on it, it doesn't mean that I won't continue to be a clearinghouse for information about this experience, and it doesn't mean that my experience will have been invalidated. It just means that it will change. I won't know how it will change until it changes. This is just one of those things that I sense is true - I do not have any hard evidence for what the change will look like or exactly when it will occur. But it's coming.

Whatever happens, enjoy the next bunch of months between now and 11-1. A side note: I will be removing the 5-5-2000 link from the front page of the site on 5-6. It's my assumption that 5-5 will come and go like any other May 5th - this will enrage some and will be inconsequential to others. My continuing advice about ALL this stuff - stay real, stay undefined, wait it out - the Truth around these experiences is coming. Soon. You'll know it when it happens. Stay cool.

[end of Part VI]
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Jan. 18th, 2005 @ 04:44 pm 1/11/00: One thing it most definitely is NOT is the New Millennium...
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January 11, 2000
Well, we finally made it. The Year 2000. Since I was in my teens, I always knew I would be 37 in the Year 2000. I think everyone, at one point or another, figured out just how old they would be in this magical year. I want to say right up front that the new year IS magical, but not because it's the New Millennium (cuz it's not) and not because it's the New Century (cuz it's not that either). It's magical because even though it's a nearly completely arbitrary designation, it is a milestone. It is a milestone that was celebrated by the entire planet - even by those who know the year as 5760 (Jewish), 7508 (Byzantine), 4636 (Chinese), 1921 (Indian), and 1420 (Islamic). But one thing it most definitely is NOT is the New Millennium. Nope. Not yet. I asked my closest friends to tell me if it's what we call a "stretcher" for me to see anything interesting or special about the date the REAL New Millennium begins (the "Third" Millennium). Let's see... what's that date again? Oh yes, it's


Yes, that's it. 01-01-01. Yup. The Third Millennium begins on January 1, 2001. Quite a few people know about this and many more are just now starting to find out as we plow on into this magical new year (the media inspired mis-use of this term is finally [THANK GOD] starting to die down). If you're wondering exactly why this is true, you can read what the Royal Greenwich Observatory has to say. They pretty much have the final word on these types of things, so I tend to believe them.

But all this dating stuff is so arbitrary, so I try to stay balanced about the fact that the THIRD MILLENNIUM BEGINS ON 01-01-01. OK. I'm a little excited about it, I'll admit that. OF COURSE, I SEE THREE ONES IN THERE!!! And yes, maybe it's a stretcher, but it's a pretty cool stretcher.

I took a different approach with the yearly roll-up activity. I just clipped the updates and put them in as links that folks can click on. 1999 was a relatively good year for Lisa and I. I changed jobs (within the same company) which has kept things on the work front active and interesting. And Lisa and I rolled into our third (and perhaps final?) year out here in the Heartland. Lisa really had a stellar couple of semesters at KU. She finally finishes up her degree in May - and at that point we just may decide to move back to Good Old Sussex County, New Jersey. We're very close with my family - my Mom and Dad are either in Florida or in the Poconos and my Brother and his family are down in Maryland. And my job can really be done from almost anywhere in the country (especially New Jersey). But... I have gotten so used to it out here - it's WAY less crowded than back east. We both really like that. So we'll see what happens.

Back on the Paranormal Front: I must confess that I made nearly ZERO progress during 1999 on my work with the so-called Grand Unification of the Qabala and Chaos Theory. I was just not pulled into that stuff like I was during 1998 and 1997. I sense that this past year was a transition year - a year when I took a breather, stopped or slowed down my OLD focus, and began to develop a focus on something NEW (not sure what). I do know that it is still my mission and sacred (!) duty to continue updating this write-up. I do still get mail from folks sharing their experiences - still mostly the "oh my God I'm not the only one" experience. I am also finding links to my story cropping up on other paranormal web sites.

I modified the entry pages for the site. I have put in a front page showing one of the earliest pictures I have of me with my folks. As you read above, you'll remember that I find the concept of ALL SEVEN very intriguing. I see the THREE rectangles in the middle of this representation as the Self, with each of the biological parents on either side. I see the TWO sets of TWO rectangles on either side of the THREE in the middle as the biological Grandparents of the Self. Of course ALL SEVEN fans out into hundreds of thousands of others who are all genetically linked to us. But somehow, I think there's something very special those first 6 immediate genetic relatives. Maybe it's because I had both sets of grandparents living until I was 15? Somehow, I feel that we forever travel through life in the middle with these THREE beings on either side - I actually liken it to what we saw in the Qabalistic text -

" Seven: Three opposite Three and one is the rule deciding between them...";

And when some of us make the decision to have our own children, we spin off a brand new group of 7.

Whatever any of this all means, I sense that my entire experience with 111 is changing. It's still real, it's just that I may be ready to someday soon (perhaps when we enter the REAL New Millennium?) stop relaying all these details. Or the way I relay theses details will change somehow. The April 21st update will come out a little early this year - because of Leap Year, April 20th is the 111th day of the year. Get your ADOBE ACROBAT software before then folks because I'm going to be making old "hard copy" versions of "the 111 experience" available to you all as 'pdf' files - including the very first hand typed version! NOW WON'T THAT BE SPECIAL!

Enjoy the next 3 months. Feel free to write me if you want to share your own experiences or if you have feedback on mine.

[end of Part V]
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Jan. 18th, 2005 @ 09:11 am And then, without warning, it was 1999...
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January 11, 1999
I rolled-up most of the iterative comments from 1998 into one unified section. I don't usually include too many personal references in the write-up unless they somehow relate to my broader work and "mission" with the mystical/111 stuff. But I will depart from that tradition for a moment. Lisa and I recently spent some time back east with my parents at their condo in the Poconos (they are retired "snowbirds" and live most of the year in sunny Florida). We also visited my brother and his family down in Maryland. It was great to visit with my folks and my brother and his family since we only actually see them in person once or twice a year at this point. There was, however, one sort of sad note that played out while we were back. It was regarding Cyd, our special little tabby that I had picked up in the Summer of 1980 when she was just a few months old.
Cyd was getting on in years (19 in May!!!) but she continued to remain a source of love and warmth for everyone in my family as she had for most of the past 20 years. She had been in failing health recently and my parents were really hoping she would "make it" until Lisa and I got back east. Well, when I saw her, she had lost a lot of weight. She was still cute and cuddly but she really was missing that certain friskiness that always came pouring out of her. After taking her to our trusted family vet, we were told that she really was in a bad way. We put her "to sleep" on the morning of 12/22. It was a very sad thing to do, but it had to be done. We had one last visit with her and then stayed with her while she was given the injection. As the needle went in, she let out a loud crying wail, a hiss, and then she fell over and was gone.

I had picked her up the same summer (the same month? week? day?) I started noticing 111 on the car odometer (see 1980-1983 section). That was so long ago. And it's hard to imagine that she's really gone. I guess I thought she would be with us, physically, forever. It has really reminded me that this special journey we are on is such a special gift. And my extra-special insights into the patterns and synchronicities of this world are an extra-special gift that I continue to be especially grateful for.

I continue to receive e-mails from all over the world from people who stumble upon my write-up and say "Wow, I thought I was the only one!!!" They are grateful that I have put this out there for all to see. I also continue to hear from those who would have me move off my raw, undefined stance regarding "number patterns" and other associated topics. They would urge me to accept their definitions of "the 111 experience" (and their experiences with a myriad of other number patterns as well) as THE explanations for what's happening. But I can't. It is my destiny to remain a "free agent" when it comes to this experience.

Actually, I continue to function as somewhat of a clearing house for this type of information. I have documents relating to all sorts of "number pattern people" that I have encountered over the past 10-15 years and I willingly provide this information to anyone who asks for it. I will continue to resist the temptation to mythologize my experience with 111. I do acknowledge the undeniable connections of my experience to/with the QABALA. I also acknowledge the work of Aleister Crowley - a guy that spoke of ONE ONE ONE (111) in the late 1800's and early 1900's. And I must also acknowledge (again, as a "free agent") all the well intentioned, hard work of the "Angelworkers", the "Lightworkers", the "Starseeders", the "Stargate Openers", the "Channellers", the "Ascended Master Seekers", the "Lodge Brother/Sister types", the "8-11-1999 People", and others.

But my experience with 111 still remains unique and really stands out as a lone testimonial that resists affiliation with any one particular school of thought. The report-like quality of the write-up is no accident. I keep it that way on purpose. I have access to a number of different web publishing tools. I could put in pictures, I could put in other glitzy graphics, I could put in a guest book, and I could even make it run as a JAVA applet. But I won't. This write-up exists simply - as one solid chuck of HTML. If you have Netscape, you may see it in a font called Flexure. If you have Internet Explorer, you will most likely see it in a simple Times New Roman. It continues to be the simple story of one being's experience with one FUNNY LITTLE NUMBER. And this funny little number is many things to many people. It is ONE ONE ONE. It is One Eleven. It is 111. And this, the write-up, forever remains "the 111 experience".

April 21, 1999
Since 1-11, there's been at least a dozen people who've written to me saying "WOW, I can't believe I'm not alone!" and there's also been a half dozen or so other people promoting their own special little theories about what this number pattern business really means (and, of course, wanting me to buy into these theories). And me? Well, I still remain a free agent. Raw, undefined, and REAL. That is my destiny.
Perhaps the next 7 months will bring some earth-shaking events related to this experience - if so, I promise I'll share them with you on November 1st. Seeya then!!!

November 1, 1999
This might be the most important update to "the 111 experience" that there ever has been. Since the very first time I put the very first version of this story down on paper (with a very old typewriter), I have been making changes to it - at least three times a year, sometimes more. I would venture to guess that there have been at least 50 different versions. But it would only be a guess. I start out this update by making a very important clarification to anyone who is new to this story and/or to anyone who has been following it for decades:
It has been a REALLY long time since the act of simply seeing the number "111" really meant anything to me (at all).

I put that in a bold 15 point font for the benefit of anyone who thinks that I'm just some guy that simply sees the number 111 all over the place. Because I'm not that guy. No, I'm not. I haven't been - for a VERY long time. At this point, it's WAY more than that. If you take the time to read through the entire write-up and you see the progression of events, it is very clear that I did not go looking for 111. It found me. And it found me through a bizarre series of coincidences that actually began when I was THREE. The real question is this: where did my initial early 1980's experience with simply seeing 111 lead me? Well, it led me smack dab into the position of CLEARING HOUSE, ELDER SPOKESPERSON, SCRIBE, and RECORD KEEPER for not only people seeing 111, but for all people who have connected into a special number pattern. It also led me to Crowley and it led me to the Qabala. But through it all, I think I have kept a balance that has eluded others. I have refrained from crowning myself as The Leader of anyone (or anything). "the 111 experience" is not a MOVEMENT or a CULT or a GROUP. It is simply my story. As a colleague and coworker of mine said recently "it is a divine yet not completely understood gift." That really sums it up. I really do see it as a gift. And, as the years go by, I have been going out on a limb and sharing it with more and more people. In fact, I put it out there for the whole world to see. Because it is The Truth. And it is Real.

On the issue of DEFINING what this experience is: "What does it mean, Jim, what does it all mean?" is a familiar question I get asked quite often. After all is said and done, I can only state one or two things with absolute certainty:

111 is an elegant, simplified, numeric code for ALL Trinities (and it also happens to be the binary representation of SEVEN). That's it. Anything else is pure speculation.

OK, now that I've gotten that out of the way...

I have also made some modifications to the front page. I am now passing folks through a page devoted to links about May 5, 2000. Tons of folks (including the people of the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors in Eatonton, Georgia) believe that this date signals the end of the world as we know it. If you checked out all the links, you probably saw that the jury is still out on that one. But I thought it was an interesting movement. "55" has come up quite a bit for me over the past ten years. It was my home address, my physician's address, and the address of the building where I took all the courses for my Masters Degree. So 5-5 is a day that I'll pay attention to and collect information on. It will be interesting to see what the world is like on 5-6. If I had to take bets on it, I'm sure we'll all still be here.

I have also added a bunch of links into the ONE CHUNK of HTML that makes up "the 111 experience". I added links to outside organizations so folks can learn more about some of the topics I reference throughout the write-up. I have also added photographic evidence of some of the things I have been mentioning in the write-up for years. This is not only to address certain folks that read the write-up and say to themselves "he MUST be making all this stuff up" but I think it also adds a bit more depth to my account.

A few new things about 777 have come up. As you recall, Aleister Crowley's "777" book was an early trigger for me and it contained references to 111 that predated my own experience with the number (I'll note once again, that AC is the only person I have ever come across who has had an experience that predates mine). But aside from all that, guess what? I now work at a location whose address is 777 NW [real name omitted] Parkway. Isn't that unusual? I would certainly say so. I also wanted, for the first time, to take note of the UNIX command "chmod 777". Basically, it gives ALL users ALL permissions. I found that little correspondence very liberating.

On a personal non-111-related note, Lisa and I got a new cat several months ago. He was only a few weeks old and had been left in a box on the doorstep of a local pet store. His name is Mika (pronounced MEE-KA). He's our little boy. I think he looks a little bit like Cyd. Hopefully, he'll live as long as she did. That would mean he'd be around until 2017. And I'll be 55. OH MY GOD.

One final note: please remember (when you're partying on New Year's Eve!!!) that the first day of the REAL new millennium is 01-01-01. But I'll be back with another update a long time before 2001. We'll see you on January 11th, 2000!!! Enjoy the next few months!!!

[end of Part IV]
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Jan. 17th, 2005 @ 04:22 pm "1994 through 1995 - Continued Revelations" thru 1998...
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1994 through 1995 - Continued Revelations
There is a reference to 111 in Book I of The Lord of the Rings. This was pointed out to me in early 1994. There is a birthday party being held and one of the characters is turning "eleventy-one, 111, a rather curious number..."

Woodstock ‘94 - For the entire three days of the festival I carried a large sign that depicted my representation of "Three Things and then Four Things". This showed three large black rectangles - the one right in the middle was slightly raised and the other two on either side of it were at the same level. Then there were two other black rectangles on either side of the three in the middle. When someone asked me what it was I told them: "It's 111 in the middle and 1111 on the sides. It's a representation of ALL SEVEN. " I'm not sure exactly what year this representation started to mean something to me. I connected with quite a few people at Woodstock who were seeing various number patterns. The most amazing one was a woman from Detroit who was wearing a T-shirt that said "Genesis 1:11". 111 was her lucky number and January 11th was her birthday. We both felt that this was a most amazing connection.

By this time I had also realized the connection between 7 and 111. 111 is the binary numeric representation of 7. 1111 is the hexadecimal representation of F, the last character of the hexadecimal character set. Also, in the early days of computers, a "1" quite literally meant that the ON/OFF switch was "ON". So 111 could also be seen as ON ON ON, which is obviously VERY similar to One-One-One. I also began to think of the ALL SEVEN representation as the self in the middle, the parents on either side (that's the 111 in the middle). And then the two ones on either side of the middle 111 represent the grandparents of the self - the genetic source material for each parent of the self.

A co-worker and I discovered that we had 111 "in common". He saw it all the time from 1985 through 1990. We were absolutely amazed.

During this period of time, I met many people who felt some sort of connection to AT LEAST ONE of the following number patterns: 11/111/x11/1111, 112, 22/222, 3/33/333, 316, 37, 44/44x/444, 47/x47, 53, 55/555, 666, 69, 7/77/777, 13/42, 23/32, 88/888, 1234, and 1212. For quite a while this list expanded almost every month. Early in the year 2000, I added 44x for a woman and her ex-husband who have always had a strong connection to the number 442. Previously, I had not added any new patterns to the list in about 3 years.

1996 - THE QABALA Reveals Itself...
I started seeing many connections between The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn , all things Masonic , other Egyptian Mystery School-based organizations (like the Mormons ), the work of Aleister Crowley (I found more references to 111 throughout his work), The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch , and the work of Solara & the Star-Borne. I saw physical similarities between the interlocking Triangles of the Golden Dawn, the Star of David, the Mason's Compass and Square, and the Star-Borne’s Zone of Overlap. I also became less concerned with the ownership issues surrounding 111. I began to realize that "the 111 experience" was not something that I owned. It was something that had been there all along. I had just tapped into it.

I was still confident, though, that I was one of the first people on Earth to connect with a particular number pattern through the modern digital age. As more and more electronic digital devices came into being, more and more people started to notice their own particular number pattern more often than other patterns. In 1975, I was one of the first people in the world to own a digital wristwatch - it came right off the assembly line! This was the old LED-type watch where you had to press a button to see the time.

This early connection with digital timepieces may have had something to do with my experience. But then again, my first actual branding by 111 was in 1965! What still remained unanswered, though, was how a particular affinity developed for one number pattern over another. And why did certain people make this connection and others did not? Through the modern digital age, many people now experienced their own particular flavor of "the 111 experience".

I spent time with the Hare Krishna out in West Virginia during the summer of 1996 at one of their Holy Temples. They were very interested in my study of 111 and of the ALL SEVEN concept. They were very hospitable to me during my visit. They really wanted me to join their temple and be a part of a special outreach group. I would have been working for the Swami that was the site's leader. I found literally dozens of Trinity references in their holy books. There were also a number of references to Seven Things throughout their literature. Although I did find their lifestyle interesting and was flattered by the treatment I received, I did not feel called to serve with them. They provided me with more insight into this mystery in general, and for that I was very grateful. They remained in contact with me for a period of time after I told them that I did not want to join them, but then stopped calling.

I finally connected with the foundation of my experience. In the late summer, my investigations of the Masons and The Golden Dawn led me to a common Root System that appeared to have fed different parts of each cosmology. It was the QABALA: the ancient science of revelation practiced in secret by the Hebrew Mystics of old.

The QABALA was actually what was being referenced in Crowley's "777" book that I had discovered in 1988. Throughout this experience, things have been revealed to me and connections have been made at just the right moment. Even though I was given glimpses of the QABALA back in 1988, I wasn't ready to begin my study of it until 1996. In "777" Crowley stated that the Hebrew Letter Aleph (A L P) was connected to 111. The correspondences for the Tree of Life related the letter Aleph to the first path on the Tree. This first path was also known as the "eleventh path". I saw the "Three Pillars" representation in the Tree of Life as well. It was quite reassuring to me that "the 111 experience" seemed to be connected to the QABALA. I knew for certain that my revelations concerning 111 had roots in other, more ancient systems.

1997 - Seeing More QABALISTIC Connections...
This was a year for continued study of the QABALA. I also continued to see many significant public references to One-One-One - in speeches given by the Dalai Lama, in the slogans for the Episcopal Church's Presiding Bishop's Fund for World Relief, and on the cover of the bulletin for my niece Rachel's baptism .

At the end of the summer, I moved from my life-long hometown in Sussex County, New Jersey to the Heart of the Heartland - Lawrence, Kansas . I came out here to be with my new significant other - Lisa Grey . Lisa and I met in a cyberspace chatroom called The Magic Dream Machine. She initially came to know me by my chat name (which was ONE_1_ONE). We bonded almost instantly. In September, we began our wonderful New Life together right here in Lawrence.

I acquired a copy of "Sefer Yetzirah - The Book of Creation" from a local bookstore here in Lawrence. I learned that this was perhaps the most ancient of all the Qabalistic texts. It was reportedly written by Abraham thousands of years before Christ and seemed to have provided the foundation for almost every Western Mystery School tradition that ever was. Some of what I found during my first experience with the Book included the following:

There are "32 mystical paths of Wisdom" ;

The Universe was created "with Three Books, with text, with number, and with communication" ;

There are "22 Foundation Letters: Three Mothers, Seven Doubles, and Twelve Elementals" ;

"Twenty-Two foundation Letters: He placed them in a circle like a wall with 231 Gates" ;

Many, many statements about the Three Mothers (the Hebrew letters Aleph, Mem, and Shin);

Many more references to Seven (which, as we have noted, is 111 in binary);

"Three: Water From Breath." ;

"Seven: Three opposite Three and one is the rule deciding between them...";

"...One on Three, Three on Seven, Seven on Twelve, All are bound, one to another."

1998 - A Full Year in the Heartland
This was again a year for continued study of the QABALA, continued observation of the innumerable similarities present between every one of Earth's Mystical Traditions, and continued self-study of Chaos Theory. It was also my first full year living in the mid-west. I spent most of my 36+ years living in New Jersey (where there are nearly 1100 people per square mile). And yes, I did live in Sussex County (the rural, less crowded NW portion of that tiny state). But my commute always took me down into the congested, hellish, suburban wasteland areas of the state at least 5 days a week.

Being way out here IN THE MIDDLE of the entire North American continent (where there are only about 30 people per square mile) certainly does have its advantages. Far from what most people back east think might be some kind of boring mid-west "cow town", Lawrence (where I live) functions as a cultural mecca of sorts for the entire state. I've told people that I don't live in KANSAS - I live in the hip, happening University Town of Lawrence. Lawrence is an anomaly of a town out here in the Heartland and it has functioned as a wonderful resting spot for me that has allowed my "111/mystical work" to move forward in many interesting directions. I continue to remain eternally grateful to my partner, Lisa Grey, for having been the catalyst that brought me here.

In September, I added a section to the beginning of the write-up that described how I happened to come upon the name J'lahn. Since I got asked that question quite frequently whenever anyone new read the write-up, I thought I would just add that "background" information right up front. I also happened to be making that update to the write-up at roughly the same time Flight 111 went down.

I did not know about the crash until some time around noon the next day. Some of my friends back east informed me of the crash at the end of a conference call we were all on. They told me of the disaster and then added (rather ominously) "Guess what, Jim? It was Flight 111." And sure enough, it was Flight 111. So for the next several weeks quite a few people were contacting me and asking me how I felt about that. I said I felt really sad for the families and all the others that were involved with the tragedy.

But I also told them that I couldn't help it when these types of correspondences got linked to 111. Aleister Crowley once said (in the early 1900's) that 111 was "priceless" because of "its comment that the Unity [we seek] may be found in Thick Darkness and in Sudden Death." Perhaps Mr. Crowley had a premonition that Flight 111 would one day fall from the sky and sink to the darkest depths of the ocean suddenly killing everyone on board? Who knows. I first read those words in a town near Sedona, Arizona in July, 1988. And when I did, they frightened me. Was my experience with 111 tied to the fact that I would one day experience some kind of "sudden death" ?

My connection to 111 certainly did not seem to indicate that to me. I expect to continue encountering major life events and news stories that somehow get connected with 111. They have happened in the past and they will continue to happen in the future. For me personally though, this journey is still mostly undefined, raw, and real. And what happens outside of my own direct experience with 111 is entirely beyond my control.

During 1998, I attended a number of concerts in the Kansas City area. Prior to these shows starting, I would usually stand somewhere near the entrance to the venue with the ALL SEVEN sign (see Woodstock '94 section of the write-up). Many people found this very curious. And some others actually got angry that I was carrying the sign. They wanted me to tell them what it meant. I told them that each of the seven "objects" were "undefined - that they were merely placeholders - that they were but crudely drawn representations of some as yet undefined concept - that they were ALL SEVEN. " When it seemed like someone was actually interested, I told them of my "111 connection" (I gave them the URL to this site). I would also tell them how I felt that my "111 connection" had tied me into a direct experience with the QABALA. It was rather tough to do this because most people usually just think "what the heck is that guy talking about?" But it also was actually quite interesting and sometimes it really did provoke meaningful discussions about Mysticism that would not have otherwise occurred. After each time I did this, I would usually think to myself "Mission Accomplished."

As 1998 drew to a close, I was hoping that I would soon stumble upon a tie between my work with the QABALA and my work with Chaos Theory. This Grand Unification of the ROOT SYSTEM for all Eastern and Western Mystical tradition with the ROOT SYSTEM that describes, I believe, virtually ALL behavior on the physical plane continued to be my own, very personal, Holy Grail.

[end of Part III]
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Jan. 17th, 2005 @ 11:16 am "1980 through 1983 - The Early 111 Synchronicities" thru 1-10-1992
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1980 through 1983 - The Early 111 Synchronicities
In the summer of 1980, I worked at the local newspaper delivering papers to people who didn't get their papers and carriers that were shorted. I spent a good deal of time in the car and found that I began to see 111 imbedded in the numbers on the odometer and tripometer at least once a day. The first few times it happened, it didn't seem odd, but the problem was that it kept happening. Somehow I would look at the mileage indicators just as they had turned to 111.

I then got a couple of addresses to deliver papers to that had 111 as a part of the address. Now I was starting to get a little spooked. At this point, the experience I was having was very private - I hadn't told a soul. I approached a woman at the newspaper who was into numerology and astrology and asked her what it meant if someone kept seeing the same number all the time. She said "I don't know, but I keep seeing 222 all the time and it's really starting to piss me off !!!"

I thought I was dreaming. How could she be saying this? I hadn't told anyone about my experience until that moment. I said "You're not gonna believe this, but I was going to ask you why I keep seeing 111 all the time!" We were both a little scared by this. The probability that we would both be having such a similar strange experience seemed very low. At that moment, I began to think that I was experiencing something paranormal - something that could not be explained with conventional scientific tools.

The rest of the summer was spent trying to deal with 111 whenever it would come up and trying to remain calm about the whole thing. It showed up in the running time of THE OMEN (111 minutes). This was also when I realized that my high school ID had 111 embedded in it . I wondered if I was going crazy. I thought that maybe I was experiencing some kind of paranormal premonition. Was I sensing the coming of World War III (World War One-One-One)?

Toward the end of the summer, I had another idea. Was 111 a numeric symbol of the Christian Trinity or Trinities in general? A month before my Grandfather Nichols died, he told me that the next time he saw me he would tell me the secret of how he kept his faith. He died before he told me the secret. Was he giving me a sign from the beyond? I kept seeing 111 and continued to resist categorizing it.

The next major event came in September, 1980 during my freshman year of college . At this point I had begun to share the details of my experience with my closest friends and family. Some of them reported that they started noticing 111 only after I had mentioned it to them. They also reported to me that they started seeing 11:11 on the clock after I brought 111 to their attention. I hadn't been seeing 11:11 but I did find these reports very interesting. I was mostly seeing 111 on digital clocks at this point - meaning that it would be 1:11 or it would turn to 1:11 just as I looked at the clock.

My friends in college (who were all studying to be some kind of scientist or engineer) wanted to help me debunk this. The theory was this: choose ANY number at all, make a mental note of it, and then it will start coming up all over the place. We took my TI-55 calculator and used the random number generator on it to select a random number between 1 and 600. We thought it might give us something that looked like a time. It didn't. We got 37. We thought "37’s a prime number, seems odd enough, let's see if it starts to come up." And for me, it did - mostly on cash registers (in prices and change) and in numbers that would come up in my various labs and classes. As a prank, we all helped paint a big 37 on the statue in the middle of campus.

Then one Saturday a few weeks later I was playing around with the numbers in a homework problem and realized that 37 was a close relative of my number. 37 + 37 + 37 = 111! Why should a random number that we generated on a calculator have ANY connection to 111?

Starting in 1982, I began to take special note of several different days during the calendar year. They were January 11th (1-11), November 1st - All Saints' Day (11-1) and April 21st (111th day of the year) . These became my own special holidays. Others who knew about this would actually take the time to say "Happy One Eleven, Jim."

In February 1982 I was with my Grandmother for my yearly trip to Florida. I was at a mall and was looking at a map of the facility. I saw that store number 111 was called Pop-Tops. That sounded interesting. It turned out to be a T-shirt store so I decided I would buy an orange T-shirt with three bright purple ones on it. That night I stood on the beach wearing my new T-shirt and kept repeating the phrase "What is the meaning of 111?" over and over and over. Right after the last time that I asked, a shooting star sailed brilliantly across the clear night sky. A chill ran up my spine. Was I making all this up or was I experiencing something completely paranormal? Was it a symbol for some sort of Trinity?

1987 through 1988 - Boulder and Sedona
I stopped seeing 111 all the time in late 1983. It had become an integral part of my life at this point (all my close friends and family were aware of my association with the number) but I had stopped seeing it on a regular basis. I had graduated from college and had been working as a data processing professional for three years. I was on vacation in Boulder during the summer of 1987 visiting a friend of mine from college. I immediately fell in love with the town. The most striking thing about Boulder is that it is right up against the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Right there, in plain view of the entire town, were the Flatirons. The Flatirons are a collection of huge slabs that people go climbing and hiking on.

There are three main slabs. The Flatirons seemed like a huge 111 looking out across the town. My friend Marty agreed. He was one of my friends in college who had tried to debunk 111 nearly seven years earlier. We felt that, once again, 111 was staring us right in the face. This was also right around the time of the Harmonic Convergence - that event added another mystical layer to my Summer of '87 vacation.

I had such an intense vacation that I decided to leave New Jersey and move to Boulder for a break from the hectic pace. I spent nine months in Boulder - living, working, and playing. It was very relaxing. In late June of 1988 I moved to Sedona, Arizona . I had never been there before but had heard that many people on spiritual quests were beginning to gather there. I figured that if anyone was seeing the same thing I was, surely they would be in Sedona. I got networked in with the hip crowd in town very quickly through my housemates.

Although everyone found my 111 connection interesting, nobody was having the same experience. I found a book in a town near Sedona, though, that really made quite an impact on me. It was called "777" by Aleister Crowley. In it, there were several direct references to 111. It referred to 111 as a symbol of the Trinity and the "Trinitarian Equation 3 = 1". I thought this was a pretty amazing discovery - it was July 1988 about a week after the Fourth of July. I had finally discovered a reference to 111 that pre-dated my own experience with the number.

January 10, 1992 - Finding Out About Solara and the Star-Borne
Again there was a lull. That lull lasted until January 10th, 1992. That evening I discovered there was a group of people who were going to celebrate 1-11. I thought, "Hey, that's MY day!" They called this event the Eleven Eleven (11:11). That's right - the 11:11! My search eventually led me to an organization called Star-Borne Unlimited and a woman named Solara who had coordinated this world-wide event. I had foreseen that January 11, 1992 would be extra special many years prior to it actually arriving. I knew that 19+92 = 111 and that on January 11, 1992 the date would be (numerologically) 111-111, or 3-3. I also knew that 33 had great meaning to many different branches of Western Mysticism. I thought it was rather interesting that a date I had begun to see as special way back in 1982 (see above) had been chosen by others for an event that took place in 1992.

[end of Part II]
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Jan. 17th, 2005 @ 01:13 am In The Beginning...
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My experience with the number One Eleven (111) began in 1965 when I was just 3 years old. It completed in the year 2000. The Final Revision to "the 111 experience" (the chronology) was published on 11-1-2000.

"the 111 experience" (the chronology)

This is the chronology of my experience with the number One Eleven (111). It documents my earliest experiences with 111 (CE 1965) through 11-1-2000. If there are any questions regarding this work, feel free to contact me through e-mail at jlwn111@hotmail.com.

BACKGROUND: WHO IS J'LAHN? J'lahn is a name that came to me during an early summer night in late June, 1988 while I was living in Boulder, Colorado . It was an intense night, a night of heightened energy, and a night of heightened thought. In my dream state I felt that, for some reason, there were two very powerful beings down near Denver and that somehow I was connected to them. I sensed that they were WALKING to Boulder to meet me. The main Highway is a state road called 36. At any rate, in this lucid dream I knew that I needed to start walking to Denver down 36 and that I would meet them somewhere in the middle. So in the dream, I began my trek down 36. While I was walking, I imagined that we (the three of us) were communicating with each other telepathically. These two beings (they may have been women) referred to me by something that sounded like JAH-LON (I may have told them that this is what they should call me - I don't really remember who used the name first). I awoke from this deep dream state before I actually met the two. From that moment on, I felt that my INNER CORE BEING was, somehow, named J'lahn. I chose the "J apostrophe" spelling because that seemed most fitting. So that's how the name J'lahn became meaningful to me and that's how it came to represent my innermost self - it was all from an incredibly lucid dream I had way back in 1988.

1965 - The Beginning
When I was three years old, I was recorded singing "Old Macdonald" and "Jesus Loves Me" by my grandfather, The Rev. L. F. Nichols . The recording was made on a SCOTCH reel-to-reel magnetic tape (model number 111-12). The flat, reel-to-reel style tape box cover displays a large, white 111 on top of a red and black checkered background. The tapes were discovered in a box of memorabilia during the summer of 1988 while moving from my childhood home.

1968 - The First 11:11 Connection
I used to draw racing cars all the time when I was a little kid. I think that I started putting numbers on them after an outing to the "Stock Car" races up in Middletown, NY. The drawing you'll see here is from 1968 when I was just 6 years old and represents the very first evidence of a connection to Two Elevens (known today, of course, as 11:11).

1976 - The Random ID Assignment
I was assigned an ID number of ‘01110’ in the computer systems of the newly opened regional high school . I didn't connect this to "the 111 experience" until the summer of 1980.

July 29, 1978 - The Last Issue of Tabor Lake's THE COURIER
I spent every summer of my childhood at a place called Tabor Lake in northern New Jersey. Two of my friends (they were brothers, actually) and I published THE COURIER , a small "magazine" telling all about the people, places, and things of Tabor Lake. The Last Issue's cover (#11) showed the cover of the "Preview Issue" (#1) with the caption: "OUR FIRST ISSUE - 1974".

[end of Part I]
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