Lake Lenore, "Mount" Tabor Lake, & Powdermill Pond
(and other map errors - Updated 9/2013)

I know it's a little light colored, but please take a close look at what the official US Census maps show for Our Lake (TABOR LAKE) and the Lake "up the tracks" from us (a.k.a. LAKE LENORE, NJ) -

Lake Lenore & Tabor Lake

The map you see above is nearly correct (except that The Lake is mistakenly called MOUNT Tabor Lake). But somehow, a whole bunch of OTHER map companies have mistakenly labeled Lake Lenore as "Mount Tabor Lake" - imagine that?! It has become so commonplace now, that if you do a Google Search on "Tabor Lake" or "Mount Tabor Lake" you get a bunch of map companies' maps depicting Lake Lenore as something called Mount Tabor Lake! Now I know the whole deal as to how and why we came to be known as Power Mill Pond in MapQuest and elsewhere. It was NJ Transit! When they rebuilt the area around the Trestle, they MISTAKENLY called it the Powder Mill Pond Improvement Project (or some such nonsense). And it stuck. How Lake Lenore MISTAKENLY became identified as Mount Tabor Lake (and where the "Mount" came from) is another matter altogether. I'm still trying to figure that one out. At any rate, as a kid, I always remember feeling kind of spooked by that "other" lake. We hiked through the woods once or twice to get there. That was quite an adventure. And my father and I walked down the tracks a couple of times to see it too. But that was about it. For most of us, it just didn't exist. It was so close, but it was like a completely different world. It just wasn't OUR Lake. It wasn't Tabor Lake. I wonder how the people at Lake Lenore feel about being MISTAKENLY called Mount Tabor Lake?

And finally - isn't it just a little annoying that on some maps, Our Lake, GOOD OLD TABOR LAKE, is now known as a Pond?! Isn't that just a little insulting?! I should say so!  Perhaps you've gotten used to it. But I sure haven't. UPDATE (September, 2013) - Somehow, not sure how, most maps now CORRECTLY show The Lake (Our Lake) as Tabor Lake. I wonder how that happened? Not sure, but I'm SUPER-glad it (finally) did!

Boulder, CO