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“Beyond the II_III_II SHADOW PUPPETS" [V1.1]

OK. For starters, ALL_SEVEN is not something that you count. It used to be something you could simply "count" (way back when this particular Vision was received) but it's certainly not that now. My post-11/01/00 work (you know, after "the 111 experience" concluded) has moved way beyond the simple basement-level activity of simply "counting" these Seven Objects.

Talking about simply counting the Objects that make up the ALL_SEVEN
is like talking about counting the pillars and rocks in Stonehenge. You don't stand there and count the pillars and rocks in Stonehenge (who knows, maybe YOU do, but I didn't). You look at it as a collection of Objects that are united, somehow, into a broader statement.

The underscores simply UNDERSCORE the fact that the Two Objects on either side of the Three Objects in the middle are separate and distinct YET WHOLLY CONNECTED to the broader Vision that the ALL_SEVEN has come to represent. The Two Sets of Two (11:11) on either side, by the nature of the position they hold, are more connected to each other than to The Three (111) in the middle. But the Two Sets of Two TAKEN TOGETHER are fully and completely united with The Three to form this near-perfect representation that IS ALL_SEVEN. And if you look at The One raised higher in the middle, it's easy to see how the Sacred "Three opposite Three and The One is the rule deciding between them..." Deal from Sefer Yetzirah comes bleeding through. Which is kinda cool.

But aside from that...

If you're seeing the ALL_SEVEN in 2 dimensions (which you probably are since you're reading mostly FLAT characters off of the screen right now) you're missing a key aspect of The Vision. The Vision is 3-D and has a 4-D aspect as well (its position varies with respect to time). It has a higher dimensional quality too (5-D and beyond) that relates to the fact that the ALL_SEVEN, even in its 4-D mode, is merely a lower dimensional SHADOW PUPPET of a higher dimensional Object or set of Objects.

Furthermore, if you think that each object in the ALL_SEVEN representation is the same size, I'm here to tell you that they are not. They are of varying sizes and the 2-D ALL_SEVEN is only what you might (keyword = MIGHT) see if you looked at the ALL_SEVEN from a particular set of spatial coordinates around the structure. Not only does their size vary, their composition does as well. Heck, they even have very distinct tastes. I can tell you that the Object in
the middle, raised higher than the others, tastes like strawberry.

And to top it off, these characteristics vary as you map The Representation into the higher order dimensions! I know that was a lot to swallow in just one session, but I felt it was time to give you a little bit more than just the SHADOW PUPPETS you've gotten so used to. Hopefully, this has been helpful!