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(||||_|||_||||) & Other Recent Visions

From: Jim Ward-Nichols
Subject: "Time is three eyes and eight elbows." - Dogen Zenji

When I first saw this quote I thought, "sure, OF COURSE, it *is* 11 Things!" What else could it be? I mean, the latest stuff from The Big Brains out there says that there are, they believe, ELEVEN DIMENSIONS. So, on a very personal level, I've started to view the abstract concept of ALL_SEVEN (||_|||_||) as potentially incomplete. Missing a few lines. Around 4 of them.

So I'm now looking into something that looks like this:


It is, you guessed it, the ALL_ELEVEN. The three EYES in the middle and
the eight ELBOWS on either side. Seeing how I feel about it. Soaking
it in. There's a "4-4" in there. Plain as day. Some say that "44" =
BLOOD (family). And not just from its linkages through the Gematria
but as in, I'm thinking (potentially), the ONE 44. The 144K, that is.
I will keep you posted on what becomes of this analysis and GENERAL

From: Jim Ward-Nichols
Subject: "Crawl Text" Visions & Stealth/Concert Disaster...


I know we've not always seen eye/eye to eye/eye, but I wanted to let you know that for the past two weeks I have been having dreams where I am watching Headline News or CNN or Fox News and the "crawl" at the bottom of the screen is showing me seemingly random words and phrases. Of course, I know I'm dreaming and when I say, in the dream, "maybe the crawl text will start communicating an important message" the text gets REALLY wild. This crawl-text visions stuff is definitely a new addition to my already very lucid dream world.

Also --- lucid dream 2 nights ago of Stealth-like bomber flying over an outdoor concert... starts to loop around... and kind of fly backwards and sideways back toward the concert... everyone is screaming... crashes before it gets back to the site... cell service out... I'm now thinking about getting back to my car, planning an evacuation route, and getting home to loved ones (because I know they will be worried)... I start to hear reports of the disaster
playing on radios and loudspeakers as I make my way through the frenzied crowd back to my car... maps in hand...

Let me know if any of this resonates with you. Or not.


And then follow-up Q&A with the recipient:

Q: Yes, this is new to me too. Can you read the text after it gets interesting?
A: Yes, I can.

Q: I remember usually getting the information in the dream but it's often not conscious after awakening. And you?
A: Same deal for me. But (from last night) a word something like HEMOCAH seemed to stick... nothing in Google or elsewhere... Google asks: "Did you mean: CHEMICAL?"

Q: Do you have any sense of where you were in that dream?
A: Colorado.

Q: City/state?
A: Near Golden. But it wasn't Red Rocks.

Q: Which direction you'd need to go to get out?
A: Heading NORTH seemed, to me at the time, to be the only option. But news was breaking all around me so I knew I might have to adjust...