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From the Original (and now archived) LiveJournal Entry Made on 4/22/2005 (with an updated P.S. II)

In honor of the 35th anniversary of Earth Day, Hawaii's Governor has declared today STARBUCKS Earth Day. Yes, STARBUCKS Earth Day. Here you go:

"In honor of the national month of environmental awareness, Starbucks Coffee Partners in Hawaii has organized several events around the community to educate the public on caring for the earth. This April is the first month that Starbucks will implement these activities to honor Earth Month. Many of Starbucks' activities center on or around April 22, thus, Starbucks in Hawaii has requested that April 22 be designated Starbucks Earth Day in Hawaii."

They "requested" it and he did it (in recognition of how "Earth Friendly" they are). This is shameful. Disgusting. It makes me sick to my stomach. And it represents a new low for the "Special Day That Couldn't": Earth Day. This has turned out to be a pretty annoying week in general. First off, it was a Multi-Week week. A week where it actually seems like much more than 1 week has passed. We're putting it at about 2.7 (weeks) at this point but she could top 3. The New Pope. ECCH! Hypocrisy abounds on all fronts. ARRGH! And what better way to end a week like this, than with STARBUCKS Earth Day.

Clean-Up Time!
"We had better get this mess cleaned up in time for tonight's Earth Day party!"

This day should be called "EARTH IS STILL DYING A PAINFUL DEATH" DAY. It really should. Let's just take a look some recent stats, shall we? Let's take a look at a typical Day on Earth, shall we? Let's take a look at some of the Daily Highlights, some conservative estimates actually, for this HAUNTED MANSION ON TOP OF A RUNAWAY TRAIN:

- 803 people worldwide will die from exposure to pesticides and countless more will suffer serious health threats from chronic exposure

- 7,400 to 13,000 children will die from diarrhea from polluted drinking water

- 29,000 children will die from curable infectious diseases

- 364 babies will be born that are diagnosed with mercury poisoning because their mothers ate contaminated fish. Meanwhile, government agencies recommend that pregnant women eat several servings of fish each week.

Larry, the hideously deformed and contaminated fish says: "Don't eat me!"

- Nearly 3 million gallons of engine oil will be poured down the drain and will enter our nation's waterways

- Over 43 million pounds of trash will be dumped at sea worldwide. About 77 percent of all ship waste comes from cruise ships

- Over 4 million pounds of hydrocarbons will be released into the atmosphere just from jet skis, lawn mowers, boat engines, and other 2-cycle motors

- At least 3,200 gallons of oil and fuel will leak from aging and malfunctioning pipelines in the US, polluting groundwater, lakes, rivers, oceans and soil

- 313 million gallons of fuel - enough to drain 26 tractor-trailer trucks every minute - will be used in the US

- 20 million tons of raw materials will be taken from US soil

So… the Earth is dying. And whose fault is that? Yours? Mine? OURS? Has Earth Day helped to stop the Earth's suffering in ANY meaningful way? No. Not one bit. Has it really helped to raise awareness in ANY meaningful way? It's sad, but it hasn't. 15 years ago, you couldn't have told my 1990 self these things (when I helped to organize a major Earth Day "celebration" in the northeast). I believed in Earth Day back then. But today? Earth Day just seems especially shallow. Drenched in hypocrisy. Who isn't driving today? Aside from me, I mean. Raise your hands. I thought so. Hardly anyone. For all intents and purposes, I have ditched my car. I worked things out so that this would be the case. Is it possible for everyone to ditch their cars? Of course not. Public transportation in this country is a disaster. But is it possible for SOME of us to ditch our cars? It sure is. But have you? No, you haven't.

Is there really anything that you can commit to today (you know, on STARBUCKS Earth Day '05) that will help to lessen the toll your existence takes on this planet? Aside from ditching your car and/or planting a tree? Anything? Anything at all? I'll give you clue:

Soylent Pink
Mmmmmmmmmmmm… Yummy!

Yes, in fact, it's the food you eat. You can make a difference and lessen the negative impact you have on this planet simply by changing your diet.

Overly simplistic? No.

Overly optimistic? Think again.

Practical and completely backed up by TONS of up-to-date scientific evidence? YES!

I wanted to end this entry with something positive. And this is it. To those of you who know me and haven't made the change yet, I already hear the chorus: "Jim's getting up on his save the environment by going Vegan" soapbox again! WELL TOUGH LUCK! I'm just speaking the truth.

Here goes:

First of all, I will recommend a book. It's by the guy who wrote "Diet for a New America". It's called "The Food Revolution: How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and Our World" --- you can buy it, new or used, right here. It's got everything you need to help you understand the connection between a Healthy Earth and a Vegan diet.

Now, in the spirit of continued giving, I offer you something incredibly positive on this "special" day. I humbly offer the following resources:

askcarla.com - This site is run by PETA and features every possible FAQ needed to help you understand why going VEG (and, ultimately, VEGAN) is the way to go. It also has pre-packaged answers to those "gotcha" type questions that detractors will inevitably throw at you.

goveg.com - Again, another awesome site that's run by PETA. This site is a treasure trove of information to help get you going.

I'm now going to list some companies that can help you make this important transition. But please remember - these are corporations. They exist to make a profit. And while they produce food that helps millions of folks kick the Eating Animals habit, they all have some dirty laundry. Some have less than others. I look at it this way: they are helping to assist people to make this essential switch.

So, with that in mind, I wouldn't suggest that you stay with these companies forever and ever (after you've weaned yourself from eating your Fellow Earthlings). But use them until you can migrate to something even healthier. I would suggest a macrobiotic diet with lots of raw, unprocessed veggies at its heart. Also - consume food that requires very little packaging. But knowing that this isn't possible for many when they first start out (for a variety of reasons), I offer these imperfect corporations as places to turn. Many "normal people" supermarkets now have natural or whole food sections. This may help defray the cost. But a good many of these products are to be found in Your Grocer's Freezer. I will provide the link that describes the products and you can then explore to see what suits your fancy.

- Boca Organic

- Boca (Regular)

- Morningstar Farms

- Gardenburger

- Yves

- Worthington's LOMA LINDA Brands

- Fantastic Foods

So… there you have it. All the resources you need to make the switch. GO FOR IT. Will the Earth continue dying? It probably will. Will you be just a little less responsible for helping to kill it?


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p.s I - I just couldn't let my first Earth Day here at LiveJournal pass without posting something from one of my favorite flicks of all time (and one that I've made it a point to watch on every Earth Day since the late 80s), SOYLENT GREEN. Enjoy! And have a great weekend!

"Today is Tuesday!"
"And remember, Tuesday is Soylent Green Day."

p.s. II (added on 4/21/2007) - My, my, my. That entry from 2005 seems like a lifetime ago. At that time, I still worked for "my former company" (which, for now, shall continue to remain nameless because the awesome buy-out package I was able to take from them is still giving me TONS of benefits that I’m still very grateful for). At that time, I was still in a long-term relationship with my former Significant Other. At that time, I still lived in Kansas, had not yet moved to Sedona, and had not yet begun THE RE-ENTRY into My Homeland in the wooded, sparsely populated, mountain foothills of The Northeast.


Would I change anything that I wrote above? No, probably not. But if I wrote it today, I might add an entire section for Good Ol’ AL GORE’S masterpiece "An Inconvenient Truth" - in fact, come to think of it, you should go to his site now, order the movie (if you don't have it yet), and learn how you can go about reducing your carbon footprint:


And yes, OF COURSE, I see the Three Smokestacks and The Spiral on the Splash Page. It was all over the ads for the movie, too (that's what I call a "stretcher" - so don't worry, I'm not going overboard).


I would absolutely still urge everyone, including Good Ol’ AL GORE, to go Vegan (or at least Vegetarian) as a very REAL way to help Mother Earth (see links from 2005 above – I've updated them & they all work).

As for me personally, the rippling effects of The New Freedoms that kicked in last year are still being felt. I've recently entered a wonderful new phase of my life where the last linkages to The Old were finally severed (in a peaceful and gentle way, actually).  And I have finally re-connected with My Homeland. And also:

- I've made lots of progress on the sci-fi script over the past year (I would put it at around 93% complete – and "on hold" for now)

- I started my very own IT consulting company along with my PhD father (an LLC named, appropriately, NicholsWardNichols)

- And I reconnected in a really big way with some very SPECIAL and very AMAZING people!!!

All in all, things are quite wonderful here in my little corner of the universe (OUR little corner of the universe, I mean). Don't get me wrong, I still feel that Mother Earth is writhing in pain and needs relief. ASAP. For sure. But I feel quite a bit more optimistic about Earth's Future than I did on Earth Day, 2005. Less cynical. I've always felt optimistic about my own life and the lives of the people who are close to me, but this optimism now extends a bit more broadly than it did in 2005. The LiveJournal entry seen above is a complete archive of the original LJ entry with one major exception: I changed the MOOD to "Mildly Optimistic" (from something that was far less hope-filled). Other than that, it's all held up quite nicely over the past 2 years. GO VEG!!!

So… in conclusion: Happy Earth Day ‘07, everyone! And as always: I wish for you a life that's filled with Peace, Joy, and Fulfillment of Purpose! Yes, it CAN happen!