I AM Jala*AN.  "I AM Jala*AN." (jlwn111) wrote @ 2006-04-07 05:30:00

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Dear All,

It's finally time to GO DARK. To complete the process of GOING DARK, actually. It's a process that began in June, 2004. It's a process that I must now take to the next level.

Yes, you guessed it, it's The New Freedoms that are making all this possible!

Let me tell you: The New Freedoms are just astounding. Priceless, even! Actually, it's rather hard to put all this into words. What I do know: I am extremely grateful for the new opportunities that are now on the table. To feel THIS FREE at this specific moment in human history is truly an amazing feeling. It's a feeling that most people can only dream of. For most, True Freedom never happens. Well I'm NOT LIKE MOST, that's for sure. You know that as well as I do.

For me, being Truly Free also means being free of the write-up (making even minor updates to it) and being free of my Blogs (creating entries for LJ and MySpace). Openly chronicling what's next in my life is absolutely *not* an element of The New Freedoms. In fact, right now, the idea of chronicling ANYTHING seems really silly. It seems so rooted in WHAT WAS and could tend to pull a being away from WHAT IS and WHAT WILL BE. My next steps will be taken in private, free from the prying eyes of Internet Strangers. Inner Circle Only!

So: my Blogs and "the 111 experience" are now in Archive Mode. In fact, at some point, the Blogs will no longer be available at all (except, of course, as cached pages in Google and other search engines). I've altered my Google Ads so they go directly to the final version of the write-up. I've also taken key LJ entries and re-created them as pages within this site.

Staying in touch:

If you're important enough to me, we already know how to stay in touch. And we're doing it. On a regular basis. If you're on the fringe or if I don't know you at all (you know who you are), please don't bother me with a hollow "reaching out" gesture. In fact, you're now flagged as JUNK.

Listen, the Dark is not necessarily a "bad" place. Just like the Light is not necessarily a "good" place. They just are. The Final Curtain (of sorts) that I'm doing here right now with this "End_111" piece is just another step in the evolution of my Life's Story. It has, in fact, been a wonderful experience - sharing all these personal details of my life with you all. I've met tens of thousands of wonderful people all over the world by doing that. By sharing. I have no regrets around what I've shared.

So who knows what's next? I may start to PODCAST some day. That would be fun. I've certainly got the voice for it. But seriously, not any time soon. GOING DARK really does mean GOING DARK.  

For now, it's back to the script that I stopped working on way back in '97. A "Best Screenplay" award is absolutely *not* a requirement of The New Freedoms (or for True Happiness, either). But it sure would be nice.

To summarize the completion of the GOING DARK process, John Lennon said it best: "I just had to let it go."

So I did.

Jim Ward-Nichols
Sedona [VOC], AZ, USA