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Right Before Vacation: Halliday & Resnick FINALLY Say "Curiously"

Well, they said it a little over 2 years ago. OK. Wait. Let me back up. Who or better yet WHAT is a "Halliday and Resnick"? Well, if you're studying to be an engineer or a scientist at a reasonably competitive school, you will use (for 1st and 2nd semester of Physics) a little gem called Halliday and Resnick. Named after its authors. There's a Walker in there these days too, but I'm pretending to ignore him. Anyway, it goes like this:

1972 - a 10 year-old boy puts his Dad's ancient version of Halliday and Resnick on his bookshelf right next to the World Books. What the heck were they talking about in there? He did not really know. But he knew it was SCIENTIFIC. And he liked it.

Fast forward to 1978 - that boy, now a 16 year-old Physics honor student in High School notices something very strange. Nobody told him about this, he noticed it by himself and started asking questions all on his own. Who better to go to than his dad? After all, he was the guy with the PhD in Math. He was the guy with the Masters in Physics and Education. He was the guy with the answers. So, what is this question? What did the young physics honor student notice?

"Why is the force between two charged particles eerily similar to the force between two large masses?"

"Let's look in Halliday and Resnick," the Dad said. Still, despite the copyright being in the late 50s, it might hold a clue. Well, it certainly talked about Newton's well-known equation for the force between two masses up in the front of the book. And it certainly talked about Coulomb's Law later on in the E&M section. But where the heck was the link?

"Where is the link?" the bright young Honors Physics student asked his scientist/engineer/mathematician father.

Well, the boy was me. And the Dad was My Dad. And we were stumped. My Honors Physics teacher said at the time "they are similar because they are similar." NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Anyway, we put it to bed. Until 1980 when I was freshman in college, that is.

Now, I was a physics student on the high-powered campus of Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. And there was a new(er) and wonderfully bright yellow Halliday and Resnick on my shelf in my dorm room. My quest to see evidence of The Link in print was again dashed against the rocks. There it was: Newton here, Coulomb there. And not a word about how similar the two were.

Of course, as a sci-fi fan who had gone through the epic "Worlds Within Worlds" issues of the Hulk back in '75 (or was it '76?) I was still thinking... HMMMMM... the force between two tiny little things is just like the force between two really huge things... WORLDS WITHIN WORLDS?  And of course the irony of the whole thing is that most current day Brainiacs claim that the extra dimensions needed to make String Theory work out all neat and clean are very tiny FOLDED UP little mini-dimensions that exist in parallel with our own more clearly observable dimensions down here on the farm. Worlds Within Worlds. And before you go and start thinking that I'm some mental midget stuck on a "baby question" from high school physics, stop. And think again. I have kept my Knowledge Base up-to-date on these matters. The combined works of Hawking, Wolfram, Greene, Witten, Kaku, and many others fill the shelves of my office. And when the Internet opened up an infinite source of knowledge in this area, I found myself digging deeper and deeper into all that ".edu" magick! But all the while never forgetting the basics. Fundamentals First. That was the Stevens motto. And don't ever forget them once you learn them. Keep taking self-taught refresher courses. It's the only way.

So... 2 years ago, when they released a new version of Halliday and Resnick (and Walker?!), you just know I had to have it. It's funny too. It came from Amazon and I was all excited but the binding was ripped up (somehow). So I sent it back without even looking inside the book. Then one special day, several weeks later, the UPS horn was heard outside the house. I knew it was here.

A fresh copy.


The SIXTH Edition.

Holy Crap!

After ripping open the Amazon box, I cracked open the book to Chapter 14 --- there are Newton's pearls of wisdom. Equation 14-1. Yup. Now... Chapter 22... where it had been for over 50 years! Can. Not. Wait.

OH MY GOD! NO WAY! FINALLY! Here is what I found on page 509:


Finally. A reference to the thing I had been barking about since 1978. For over 25 years! And they even used the word "curiously" - HA! I would have loved to have seen EERILY in there but I understand the direction they needed to take. This was a great day. It was almost 2 years ago this coming weekend, actually. But what did it mean? Why "curiously"? I mean, if it's so curious why isn't there some kind of follow-up paragraph? They just drop it after that. But really, I got what I wanted. I was thankful. Someone else had finally noticed. And boy oh boy, that felt good.

Let's tie this back into nearly everything I have been yapping about with 111 and 11:11 and All Things Paranormal since 1980, shall we? Too big of a leap, you say? I don't think so. Sure, the stuff about 111 sounds funny. Sure, it sounds completely STRANGE. Wacky. Way Out There. Looney, even. But guess what? Guess why that doesn't matter? Because, based on my life's experience, this is what it's all about, folks:

It's just taking the rest of the world a bit more time to catch up to where WE are.

This so-called nonsense and alleged babble-speak you're experiencing here at "Way [WAY] Beyond Mere IIII_III_IIII Shadow Puppets" has a higher purpose. When I was first branded by 111 in 1965 and 11:11 in 1968 (see the write-up) who could have imagined that there would be MILLIONS of people, one day, connecting to the same two patterns?

Again, it's amazing. And I'm glad you're a part of it!


Shadow Puppets?

The Dove and the Serpent ???

"11:11=22=HEXF=15=TheHornedOne=OMEGA=1." ???


Give it time. All will be revealed.

Out of character PERSONAL LIFE DETAILS section: We are OUTTA HERE tomorrow morning. Leavin' on a Jet Plane. Vacation time, baby. Taking the next week off for "fun in the sun" (I will let you guess). The good thing about our "fun in the sun" vacations is that they are nearly free. Ahhhh, the joys of having happily retired Snowbirds for parents! Oh yes! See you on or around Easter Monday.

Jim Jala*AN
Sedona [VOC], AZ, USA