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"11:11=22=HEXF=15=TheHornedOne=OMEGA=1." [CipherClues - V8.0]

1) 11:11=> 2:2 => 22. Nifty! And it makes so much sense.
And why is 22 so important? Look it up! 'Nuff said.

2) 11:11 => 15.
Simple. 1111 (in binary or BASE 2) equals 15 (in decimal or BASE 10). Done.

3) 11:11=> 1111 (BASE 2) => Hex F.
Hexadecimal --- BASE 16. Most of you are familiar with BASE 10, or decimal. You know, 10 fingers and 10 toes? Counting them? Picture 8 fingers on each hand. Or 8 toes on each foot. Count them. Start with ZERO. But when you get to 9 (which should be the second finger or toe on your second eight-fingered hand or your second eight-toed foot!), switch to letters (starting with A).  By your 16th finger or your 16th toe, you will reach F. HEX F. Remember all those numbers and letters you saw when you got a Blue Screen of Death back in the Old (pre-XP, pre-Vista) Days? That was HEX, baby!

4) 11:11 => 15 => TheHornedOne.
Get out your Tarot Deck. 'Nuff said.

5) 11:11 => HEXF => OMEGA.
Others may currently paraphrase the following relationship but make no mistake about it: I said this first. Many moons ago. And they will readily admit that when pressed. Here goes: "1111 is the binary equivalent of F in Hexadecimal and HEX F is the 'last' or 'final' character in the Hexadecimal Character Set. Once you get to F, you open up a new column. Just like once you get to 9, you open the TENS column (with the number 1-0). So clearly there is an 1111/HEXF/OMEGA (Final, Last)  relationship." Couple that with 12/21/12 at 11:11 UT and you're in business!

6) 11:11 => 1.
For over 24 years, I've tended to see 11:11 as not only a time but as a RATIO. An "11 to 11" ratio. The ":" also means DIVIDED BY. So 11:11 is the same thing as saying "an 11 to 11 ratio" OR "11 divided by 11" OR "one". Or 1.

7) "11:11=22=HEXF=15=TheHornedOne=OMEGA=1." [Added in 2011: And right about now, I tell folks that we are just to the right of the EQUALS sign just to the left of OMEGA. What that means exactly, I couldn't tell you. Just yet at least]. Get it? Got it? GOOD!