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53/530: OMG, Now It's 2537 (A.I.)!!!

What's up with 53, you might ask?

Why is the111experience.org "stuck" on Version 53?

Well, it's not stuck. It's just that I had to fix it on something and I figured 53 made sense. So it's 53.xxx and will be 54 someday I suppose (after 53.999). But why 53? Is it because as a fifth grader in 1973 we had to make tombstones for ourselves showing our epitaphs and I affixed 1962-2053 as My Lifespan?

No, it's because of this:

53. Herbie The Love Bug. My Halloween Costume at the time (yes, I was The Love Bug). A State Road (in NJ) that was very important to me as a child. And later on in life actually, as a way to get around the daily back-ups on 80 westbound in North Jersey. Get off at 202, cut over on Park Road to 53 (which is now called TABOR ROAD), then either jog south on 53 and go west on 10 or cut through Denville and then either get back on 80 right there or just go west on 46. It always seemed funny to me as a 7 or 8 year old that the 53 on the Love Bug (which I saw, BTW, at the old Movie House on The Green in Morristown, God rest its soul) looked exactly like the one on the highway sign (53 inside a circle).


And then later on in life, of course, I learned that ATM sends data in cells that are always 53 bytes long. 5 of these bytes are the header information, leaving 48 bytes available for data. Even if you are sending 1 byte of data, an entire 53 bytes of bandwidth are consumed since ATM cells are always 53 bytes long. But that's neither here NOR there.

And what, you might ask, of 53's close relative? You know, 530? Well, here's an update on 530:

Q: What is "A.I" and how do Royal Arch Masons compute their year?

A: The Royal Arch Masons begin their computation with the year in which Zerubbabel began to build the Second Temple, which was 530 years before the alleged birth of Christ. So right now, the Masonic Year of the Royal Arch ("A.I.") is 530 plus 2007:


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