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Three Eyes & Eight Elbows [ALL_ELEVEN]

For the entire three days of Woodstock '94 I carried around a large sign that depicted a representation of something that I called, at the time, "Three Things and then Four Things". This showed three large black rectangles - the one right in the middle was slightly raised and the other two on either side of it were at the same level. Then there were two other black rectangles on either side of the three in the middle. When someone asked me what it was I told them: "It's 111 in the middle and 1111 on the sides. It's a representation of ALL SEVEN." I'm not sure exactly what year this representation started to mean something to me. But at this point, that image has been injected into the minds and souls of literally tens of thousands of people at NIN concerts, Roger Waters concerts, Marilyn Manson concerts, Dead Shows (including several at Red Rocks), and even to the unsuspecting folks inside WALT DISNEY WORLD. For years, I felt that it protected me. Wasn't sure how. But it did. This image that I created in 1999 for an old version of my website pretty much told the story:


Of course, that's me underneath the umbrella. 

Well, about a 15 months ago, I started to view the abstract concept of ALL_SEVEN (||_|||_||) as potentially incomplete. Missing a few lines. Around 4 of them. So starting then, on a very personal level, I started to focus on something that looks like this:


I immediately started to feel the same sense of protection and good fortune I received from the ALL_SEVEN. But it was enhanced. It was much more powerful. More intense. And more real. I even had new business cards made up depicting the new image (to replace the old ALL_SEVEN-style cards). The new image is, of course, known as ALL_ELEVEN. [Yes, I do have business cards for this stuff. Trust me, they come in handy sometimes. The card shows the URL for my site, my PO Box, and my e-mail address. And I don't give them out to everyone. Just special people (not just limited to "Inner Circle" special people either) that I feel comfortable sharing this stuff with. If I give you a card, it's a sign that I trust you. Or, better said, I trust you WAY more than I trust most other people.]

So what has this shift yielded? Well, I can comment on that only up to a certain point. The rest is, for a very good reason, undercover and will remain that way for a very long time. Perhaps indefinitely. So yes, there's some paranormal stuff that I just can't talk about in a public space like this blog (or, for that matter, anywhere on the Internet). Not now. Maybe not ever. HUH! IMAGINE THAT! 

Some of the correspondences I've noticed to/with ||||_|||_||||:

- Master Dogen Zenji (1200-1253) tells us that TIME is "three eyes & eight elbows" (ALL_ELEVEN).

- 11 is the number of MAGICK in many cultures on this planet. Always has been, always will.

- String theory, M-Theory, etc. all rely on 11 dimensions (ALL_ELEVEN) to make the math work out right.

- I see a "4-4" in there. Plain as day. And of course, "44" = BLOOD (family). And not just from its linkages through the Gematria, either. But as in, I'm thinking (potentially), the ONE 44. The 144K, that is.

So... on this wonderful 111 day (11-1), feel free to soak in that magickal ALL_ELEVEN image as much as you like. Print out the image and stare at it. See what happens. See how you feel. And please, keep me posted.

Jim Jala*AN
Sedona [VOC], AZ, USA